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Our resident beauty + wellness junkie, Djuna Bel, is in her last month of pregnancy-- and before she's welcoming baby, she's teaching us the prenatal hacks she picked up to feel her best, embrace the glow, and stay sane while navigating these 9 months of beautiful chaos. Whether expecting or not, her #1 tip is an incredible tool for the lymphatic system (I mean, we've all got one!). 



Lymphatic Drainage has been one of my ultimate saving graces since i have gotten pregnant.

Pre-pregnancy, Anna Zahn of Ricari Studios worked on detoxing my body and working out any excess fluids (water weight, bloat, even swollen joints due to exercise or flying), now, it's less about detox and more about draining things that aren't moving and sending fresh blood and oxygen to any sore spots.

Lymphatic Edema (or swelling of the limbs during pregnancy) is extremely common and typically related to as just a normal part of pregnancy as overall circulation is reduced and pressure is increased on the major blood vessels by the weight of the uterus. Without a lot of options for relief, most women have to cope with the discomfort of swelling and inflammation.

Lymphatic massage encourages the flow and release of excess lymphatic fluid within the tissues just beneath the skin. Additionally, lymphatic massage promotes better oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange improving nutrient flow to you and your baby. For pregnant women, treatment is much gentler and focuses on legs, low back, and face.

It's crazy what a difference it has made on swollen legs after flights or on hot days when I am on set for 10-12 hours (which I never got until now) and sore joints.

My hips and neck really benefit from some extra lymph love after trying out a million side sleeping positions.

I highly recommend a lymphatic treatment if you're in LA.

I haven't found anyone as amazing as Anna at Ricari, but if you have someone you love - let me know and I can add them to my pregnancy all star directory (coming soon).



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