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Our resident beauty + wellness junkie, Djuna Bel, is in her final days of pregnancy-- and before she welcomes her baby boy (any day now!), she's dishing on her top fav pregnancy pieces that "look good for when you're pregnant and after too."


I have resisted maternity clothes for nine whole months, and now I am at that "I've given up, but I don't want to look like I have given up" stage. I am also 2 days shy of my due date as I write this. 

If there are any other mothers-to-be out there that are having a hard time justifying buying clothes that might only fit for a month, or even just a few weeks; I am with you!

Here are some pieces you can buy now that should also work double duty for breastfeeding and beyond. 



Madewell Maternity Skinny Jeans

I have been afraid of the giant belly cover for months and gravitated towards the stretchy side panels, but now I fully understand the giant belly stretchy cover. You're basically wearing leggings. It's an amazing optical illusion, and I wish I'd discovered these earlier! Honorable mention also goes to Paige denim.  


Raquel Allegra Silk Top

Raquel Allegra makes amazing pieces that aren't meant for maternity. She has some gorgeous silk baby doll dresses and tops that I have been wearing pre and during pregnancy.



Hatch is one of the very best pregnancy/non pregnancy brands out there. I have LIVED in their pieces since I discovered the brand. They have amazing silk dresses, stretchy mini-dresses, and great silk pieces for fall. These pink overalls are the best. There is nothing cuter than a super-duper pregnant lady in overalls; it's just a fact. I also HIGHLY recommend the Taylor Jumper. 



Storq has some great jumpsuits and easy leggings that I have been loving this week. One of my favorite seasonal transition pieces has been this blue dress with the "waist" belt. It feels like you're wearing a muumuuu but fits like you actually put some care into what you pulled on in the morning. This also looks like it will be a nursing champion with the front buttons and easy access. 


Realisation Par

This isn't a maternity brand at all, BUT they make the cutest wrap dresses which is a preggo lady's best friend. I now need a little topstick tape assistance, but I've been wearing these wrap dresses throughout my pregnancy and it's been so nice to not feel super restricted about my wardrobe. There is something really gratifying about putting on something that fit pre-pregnancy that still fits. 



Lacausa made a few dresses I was loving this summer— really easy, light, gauzy, cotton pieces that just felt really good on sweaty summer skin. However, I am loving their fall collection. I love this mustard silk dress (in pic above), and I've been wearing their velvet wrap dress as a coat which is great for those of you in colder climates. Plus, these are perfect holiday pieces!


Thieves Like Us from Nordstrom 

They make a bunch of super easy-to-wear, stretch, jersey tops and dresses that will grow with your bump. This grey wrap dress was a total summer lifesaver. 


Love Zelda Babydoll Dress 

Shift dresses and babydoll dresses are amazing. They're great in the beginning if you're trying to hide a tiny bump, and they'll never make you feel like a sausage. They have perfect options to wear out to a dinner when you're over wearing cotton jersey.


Finally, an honorable mention and shoutout goes to Doen! Doen makes the most gorgeous dresses of all time and is designed and run by some of Los Angeles' most inspiring moms.

Hope this helps all you new mamas and mamas-to-be!




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