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Some people hop on the treadmill and count down the seconds until their allotted time of cardio is up; not us. We're out in the concrete jungle, on the hunt for the most exhilarating, life-giving, inspired workout-- and there's plenty of colorful options. We don't want you to waste your sweat on anything less than phenomenal, so we've done the work and scouted the best and brightest in the fitness scene—and brought them to you first, so you can secure your name on the class list before they (inevitably) sell out in seconds.

With nourishing food as your foundation, the next step to full body synchronicity is movement that helps you hone in on your most powerful, confident self-- which is why we're introducing you to Megan Roup, creator of The Sculpt Society.


What is The Sculpt Society, and what makes it unique?

The Sculpt Society is a dance-based fitness class that incorporates follow-along dance cardio and sculpting exercises to get your body long, strong and lean. This class is tailored for the “New Yorker on-the-go”; everything you need in under an hour to change your body. No dance background required. What makes this class unique, is that it’s undoubtedly fun, but will also kick you’re ass! It’s so important to enjoy your workout, and these 50 minutes will fly by thanks to great music and the positive energy that thrives in every class. 


What would you say most people come to you looking to achieve?

Most people come to me frustrated that they can't find a fitness class that will give them the results they want. When you're making the time to work out, you want to see changes in your body. That exactly what The Sculpt Society can provide.

What are some misconceptions around The Sculpt Society?

I think when people hear, “dance-based fitness class,” they immediately get intimidated. Most people assume you need a dance background. Instead, The Sculpt Society was specifically created to be user-friendly. Stepping into class, you can easily catch on to the follow-along dance cardio, no set choreography to learn. Plus, the sculpting movements are my secret ingredient to really getting results. I always encourage my clients to come back for a second or third class, that’s when everything clicks.

Which area of the body is your specialty?

I'd like to think that I specialize in a total body workout. But if I had to pick I would say abs and butt. 


What are three words that describe a workout with you?

Fun, sweaty, challenging.

What's something you get from Sculpt Society that you can't find anywhere else?

The Sculpt Society is a positive, high-energy class with a strong community. My wealth of dance and fitness knowledge ensures a sequence that leaves you leave happy, sweaty and fulfilled.


What's your signature move?

My signature moves use my Sculpt Society Sliders. I incorporate them into every class and these unique sequences provide a total body transformation- I've seen big changes in my own body and swear by their effectiveness. You can order my sliders on my website at MeganRoup.com

What foods do you use to fuel your workouts and what foods do you stay away from?

It's taken me a long time to figure out the foods that make me feel the best. I feel my strongest when I'm eating real, whole, unprocessed food. 80% of the time I stick to food combining. Food combining suggests not eating protein and grains together. 20% of the time you can find me eating froyo at 16 handles or French fries at my local diner. It truly is about listening to your body and not trying to stick to a restrictive diet that is not sustainable. I love food too much to totally cut certain things out of my life. 

If you could train one person in this world, who would it be?

Misty Copeland. Talk about a #GirlCrush


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