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We present our gift guide series, each focused on a different area of life to nurture and celebrate— whether it be tending to home, discovering ways to “play dirty,” or focusing on self-exploration. Allow these gifts to shift and unlock something new for the recipients: adventure, joy, empowerment, energy, freedom. 

Come back each week, explore, and find your flavor of love to share. 




Poppy + Someday Abhyanga Oil

Designed for the practice of self massage, this argan- and kukui-based oil recharges the body by nurturing the largest organ. It also happens to be handmade by one of our favorite herbalists Kari Jansen in the always cool Laurel Canyon. 


The Morning Ritual Collection

Help someone craft their perfect morning—which for us, means providing all the tools for a frothy mocha latté with functional ingredients. Ease bloat, curb sugar cravings, and stoke libido for a very confident 2022. 


Lvnea Bath Salts

These ultra potent bath salts transport us to luxurious landscapes, far and wide. With ingredients like activated charcoal, Icelandic clay, and infused with handmade, small-batch essential oils, these salts transform a relaxing bath into a spa destination. 

Xula Herbs + CBD Tinctures

For those that need to cultivate more calm in their lives, Xula blends high-quality CBD with ancestral herbal knowledge, making them a staple in our everyday rituals. 

Living Libations: Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn

A holy grail product (and one of Sakara founder, Whitney's, vanity staples), this marigold cleanser contains omega fatty acids, vitamins, lipids, and hundreds of bioactive compounds. Gentle enough for nearly anyone, this classic smells amazing and can be used as an all-in-one wonder to nourish skin in the fall and winter months. 


The Chocolate Trio

These are the furthest thing from your average chocolates. Each glass jar holds bite-sized pyramids of functional plant healing, enveloped in dark cacao and coconut sugar. Whether someone is seeking plump, youthful radiance, honed-in focus past the afternoon, or seamless digestion, these treats serve as powerhouse pantry staples and true beauty foods. 

Botanical Skincare Herbal Recipe Book

For the budding alchemists and DIY beauty lovers out there, the Botanical Skincare Herbal Recipe Book is an unmatched guide, teaching one how to make nearly 200 recipes using powerful, plant ingredients.

Oway Hair Mask

Bring the salon home with this hair mask, formulated to intoxicate the olfactory system and nourish the tresses.


Higher Dose Sauna Blanket

Stimulate the body's natural detoxification system, beat the winter blues, and provide spa-level amenities to someone's home with this delicious infrared device. Sweat it out and smile big. 



GIFT GUIDE 2021: Nourish + Feast




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