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Phytoceramides // (fie-toe-ser-ah-mydes)

phyto meaning "of plants"

ceramides are a family of waxy lipid molecules


Growing older proffers up so many blessings: between an evolved assuredness in yourself, deep honest-to-goodness wisdom, and the sexiness that only comes from having lived, there’s so much to look forward to.

Despite all of the juicy soul-work that’s in store, our skin, and specifically its elasticity, doesn’t get the same memo. It’s not a newsflash that the aging process can sometimes leave our skin dry, dull, and a little less plump-- the polar opposite of what our inner enlightenment reflects!


To remedy this, the answer is not to:

  • Invest in every cream/serum/Botox injection that claims to be the holy grail of skin transformation
  • Feel helpless while you chug your double-shot espresso and pray the dehydration away

No, in fact there is a profoundly delicious alternative- brought to you by the radical, wild world of Earth and plant medicine- the answer to glowing, vibrant, hydrated skin is phytoceramides.

What are phytoceramides?

Phytoceramides are plant-based ceramides, often made from sweet potatoes, rice bran, and wheat (and can still be completely gluten-free!). Ceramides are molecules in the epidermis, found in high concentrations, all clustered to act like dams and retain water in your cell membranes.

What do phytoceramides do?

Phytoceramides bolster collagen production, maintain the skin barrier and restore the body’s natural lipids. When your body is supported by these moisture-locking superpowers, your skin should see improvements in complexion pigment, texture and the elusive glow factor.

However, as we age, we naturally lose ceramides. These plant-based molecules, when released through the bloodstream (as opposed to just plain digestion, which can break down the enzymes and leave for poor absorption!), they slowly but surely work to replenish and revive your skin. Bottom line: the key to their efficacy happens when you ingest.

Plump, Smooth and Glowing-- in Under 60 days

Ceramides may be heralded as *the* ingredient to many anti-aging lotions and serums, however the topical applications only scratch the surface. In a clinical study conducted over 8 weeks, women aged 30-60 with dry skin saw vast improvements in skin elasticity, reduction in micro-wrinkles, and increase in skin smoothness when they ingested 70 mg of phytoceramides daily.


How Can I Include Phytoceramides in My Diet?

Your proper daily dose can be found in Sakara Beauty Chocolates. By creating a ritual of popping this chocolate pyramid with 70mg of phytoceramides, your morning or nightly beauty routine can transform into a multi-sensory experience, heavy on indulgence and self-care. We’ve dolled up collagen-boosting phytoceramides with raw cacao and cacao butter for an extra hit of magnesium, antioxidants and healthy lipids.

Best yet, because our phytoceramides are plant-based and don’t rely on animal sources (typically beef), you don’t have to worry about the sordid history and diet of any farm creatures. And since we are the Queens of High Quality, you can be sure that our source is a patented blend of pure plant power, (and of course, 100% gluten free!).

We’re so thrilled to be able to transform your everyday rituals (beauty very much included!) and take a holistic approach to inner health and outer radianceWith plants and Mother Earth as mentors, time will always be on your side. 

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