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Year-round, we believe joy is a nutrient. So, instead of feeling distracted by discipline and expectations this holiday season, relish in the present, the lessons learned, and the new you taking shape. Focus on how you can define these last few days of the year, and aim to make it feel expansive, abundant, and present. Just take it from Shelly Marshall, founder of BeautyShaman and devoted Sakaralite of three years: "Around the holidays I try not to limit myself; there's just too much amazing energy to deprive my spirit of experiencing life in the present moment," she says. 


With that in mind, here’s what we’re doing this season to stay present and still feel amazing inside-out... and not one tip suggests skipping dessert. 

pictured: Shelly Marshall, Sakara client of 3 years and Steven Sharpe Jr., Sakara client of 1.5 years



Bless your food. Before you dig into your nostalgic family recipe or divine charcuterie board, bless it. Pour all kinds of good love and nourishment into the meal, and then, thank your body. Trust it for being the strong, vibrant vessel that it is. It will make each bite taste all the richer. 


Break the rules. Rules are meant to be broken. And when these rules come to food, we set ourselves up for a night comprising of obsessions, guilt, and regret. When you’re eating clean the majority of the time, your body can handle another cocktail or slice of pumpkin mousse, and your mind is able to escape this trap of self-hate. For an extra bolster of support (for your physical and mental wellbeing), add the ritual of taking The Foundation daily packs to get all of your micronutrient bases covered, as well as omega-3 fatty acids which help to balance the hunger and satiation hormones, ghrelin and leptin

Remember; there’s no strategy to obsess over and no rules to follow. 

Stay hydrated. Sneak in key minerals and blood-building chlorophyll so that no day throws off your digestion or comfort. We like to drink large glasses of Beauty + Detox Water Drops throughout the week, to create inner balance and ensure we’re enjoying the flavors and festivities. We also double up on the Complete Probiotic Formula, as the digestive enzymes help to stimulate stomach acid and break down food efficiently. 


De-bloat all day. Our most cherished rituals can often fall by the wayside when this busy season takes over, but we invite you to challenge the status quo of glorifying the "busy" and carve time to create balance. One way is through the gut; curbing sugar cravings and easing digestion first thing in the morning with the functional powder, Metabolism Super Powder, can serve as a healing antidote to the cocktail hours and late night bites that become the norm. For example, Sakara founder and co-CEO, Danielle Duboise, loves to scoop Metabolism Super Powder in her organic coffee for a one-step mocha latté.



Offer abundance. It can certainly feel stressful when the snacks and appetizers at a gathering aren't what you know will feel good to eat. Instead of feeling hungry in the corner, bring options that everyone will enjoy as well! Whether it's a simple yet perfected side dish, a shareable tin of non-GMO popcorn, or even a functional plant-rich dessert—you'll be delighting and surprising many with something thoughtful and healing. 


Take deep breaths (and a pause). Not only before you walk into a room, but before you hit the table full of holiday goodies. Training the body to remember how to breathe deeply is the best way to stay grounded, and anxiety-free during this hectic season. 


Have an alcohol aftermath plan. Before libations even touch your lips, try to take a B-complex to support your nervous system, and counteract wine or cocktails’ depleting effects. After you partake, stock up on PNS-supporting magnesium and if you can squeeze in a couple handfuls of leafy greens for fiber-rich support, all the better. 


Boost dopamine through sound. If you’re experiencing holiday music fatigue, but want to flood your space with a groove—here's a great place to start. Take a moment to get into your body, get a little sweaty, and revel in a spontaneous living room dance party.


Above all, shift the narrative that “indulgent” foods could ever throw you off track. Stress and guilt is more toxic than any sweet treat in sight. Remember; there’s no strategy to obsess over and no rules to follow. Enjoy yourself, your conversations, and the loving energy surrounding you— in person and afar. 








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