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Year-round, we believe joy is a nutrient. The holidays are meant for reconnection and celebration. So, instead of feeling distracted by discipline and expectations, relish in the decadence. Focus on how you can define this last month of the year, and aim to make it feel expansive, abundant, and present.  

Here’s what we’re doing this season to stay present and feel good... and not one suggests skipping dessert. 

Bless your food. Before you dig into a divine charcuterie plate or that nostalgic family recipe, bless it. Pour all kinds of good love and nourishment into the meal, and then, thank your body. Trust it for being the strong, vibrant vessel that it is. It will make each bite taste all the richer. 


Do not lean on rules. Rules are meant to be broken. And when these rules come to food, we are setting ourselves up for a night comprising of obsessions, guilt, and regret. When you’re eating clean the majority of the time, your body can handle another cocktail or slice of pumpkin mousse, and your mind is able to escape this trap of self-hate.


Stay hydrated. Sneak in key minerals and blood-building chlorophyll so that no day throws off your digestion or comfort. We like to drink large glasses of Beauty + Detox Water Drops throughout the week, to create inner balance and ensure we’re enjoying the flavors and festivities. We also double up on the Probiotic Blend, as the digestive enzymes help to stimulate stomach acid and break down food efficiently. 

Focus on how you can define this last month of the year, and aim to make it feel expansive, abundant, and present.  

Take deep breaths (and a pause). Not only before you walk into a room, but before you hit the table full of holiday goodies. Training the body to remember how to breathe deeply is the best way to stay grounded, and anxiety-free during this hectic season. 


Boost dopamine with music, sans Mariah. If you’re experiencing holiday music fatigue, but want to move—drop into our “defrost and dance” playlist. Take a moment to get into your body, and revel in a spontaneous kitchen dance party… or groove in the car during a holiday traffic jam.  



Above all, you have nothing to worry about, no strategy to obsess over, and no rules to follow. Enjoy yourself, your conversations, the loving energy surrounding you, and whatever treats you have your eyes on.

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