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Born-and-bred Parisian Eléonore Toulin has graced the runway for Chanel, Jacquemus, Vivienne Westwood, and the like. Now? She’s gracing the culinary scene with elegant, simple-but-elevated, Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

After graduating from a famed French cooking school, Eléonore moved to Los Angeles to start her career as a private chef. Since then, she’s been busy hosting intimate dinner parties, catering pop-ups, and curating bespoke menus.

Recently, Eléonore simplified a luncheon at her place by leaning on her Signature Nutrition Program. How so? She simply tripled-up on her favorite summer-season dish, our Sweet Beet + Toasted Cashew Medley, with meal swaps via The Sakara App, then combined them all into a large bowl the day of for a delicious, no-prep, seasonal side. 

We swung by Eléonore’s as she prepared to play hostess to her closest friends with good food, good wine, and good old ‘60s Italian music. Pull up a seat. 

Let’s chat summer. How does your schedule change come summertime?

In the summer, I’m usually in Europe with my family. It’s a lot of laid back, relaxing time. I eat and drink what I want.


How would you describe your summer self?

I feel like my best self in the summer. It’s my favorite time of the year.


Finish this sentence: My ideal summer day looks like…

Swimming in the ocean all day and late dinner with friends and family.


What Sakara products are always in your bag?

Detox Water Drops for the morning after having a fun night.


What resonates with you about Sakara? 

I believe that food is the fuel for our body and soul, and I do my best to cook with that same philosophy.


At Sakara, we live by the phrase “eat clean, play dirty”—all about finding a balance between the things that make us feel truly good and the things that bring us joy. What does that look like for you?

I try to eat clean and healthy during the week with a couple of workouts and walks. And usually, on the weekends, I’ll have meals like pizza and wine with friends. I think restrictions make you stressed and unhappy. It’s all about balance really, and to not do things in excess.


Favorite farmers’ market find this time of year? 

In the south of France, they have these small green zucchini (courgettes) that only grow there. My favorite! Plus, I love the mirabelles.


What’s one Sakara flexibility feature you’ll lean on to support your summer? 

Definitely swaps! I like to double or triple up on my favorite dishes and then serve them as a side when my friends come over for dinner.


You’re known for throwing great dinner parties. What’s a recipe that’s a sure-fire crowd pleaser?

I love making pies with seasonal fruits, like apricots or peaches. The easiest meal is grilled fish on the fire with lemons and herbs.


How do you set the scene for a great dinner party or gathering? 

Candles on the table, flowers for good scents, a good ‘60s Italian playlist, and lots of wine :)

How do you nourish yourself apart from food—in mind, body, and spirit?

I do breathing exercises first thing in the morning and I meditate and walk everyday. Being out in the sun is very important for me, too.


Do you have a personal mantra or quote that helps guide you—in work, in love, or in life?

Just do whatever makes you happy and don’t be scared of shaking things in your life. The universe will reward you.


What’s the legacy you hope to leave on this world? What are you out to accomplish? 

I just want to live a full and happy life. And I wish to transmit to my children my love of life, and respect and cherishment of our planet.



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