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*Introducing the first ever Sakara Hot List! We're bringing you exclusive content from a carefully curated group of influencers who, frankly, just get us HOT
We searched high and low for the hottest artists, creators, entrepreneurs, fitness-pros, and all-around influential tastemakers who motivate and inspire us with the unique and daring ways they are turning their #thoughtstothings


Nicole Winhoffer literally makes us feel hot. Hot, sweaty, steamy, sexy. A fiery burn that starts from within and works its way to every muscle in your body. This is the NW Method

From touring on Broadway as a teenager, to sculpting the body of one of the most iconic women that has graced these lands (*cough *cough Madonna), Nicole has spent years studying all forms of dance, anatomies, and medicines for a total mind-body-soul revolution. It's her sensitivity, fearlessness, determination for world domination, playfulness, strength, powerful messages of self love and positivity, human empowerment, and a continuous drive to achieve the perfect amount of enlightenment that has people drawn to Nicole and keeps her classes packed out. What's hotter than that? #SakaraHotList



Name: Nicole Winhoffer aka "Sayonara" @nicolewinhoffer


Location: The World


Job: Renaissance Woman


Mission: Educate Entertain and Empower the World


Favorite Sakara meal to heat up: Acorn squash with healing mushroom stuffing


Favorite winter activity: Cuddling and champagne


Song that gets you hot: She Knows - J. Cole


What do you do to stay hot? Massages. Dancing. Baths. Rubbing my favorite oils around my body, because it involves physical, spiritual, and healing energies for the soul.


When do you feel hot? Right after a dance session.


What's a hot project you're working on right now? Expanding NW Method in Los Angeles. East meets West.


What's the next hot way to heal the body & mind? NW Method - check the Method. My one-hour workout is set to the rhythm of great music, and counteracts habitual movements by targeting every muscle in the body – particularly those that go unused in your everyday lives. 

 nicole winhoffer sakara life lianna tarantin

nicole winhoffer sakara life lianna tarantin

nicole winhoffer sakara life lianna tarantin 

*The NW Method fuses East and West, accessing the meridians traditionally used in acupuncture to energize the chakras, release emotions, and target the three most underused muscle groups of the body.
Clients can take part in the workout via my global livestream service (sign up here), or in person at classes in LA and NYC. 
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