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*Introducing the first ever Sakara Hot List! We're bringing you exclusive content from a carefully curated group of influencers who, frankly, just get us HOT
We searched high and low for the hottest artists, creators, entrepreneurs, fitness-pros, and all-around influential tastemakers who motivate and inspire us with the unique and daring ways they are turning their #thoughtstothings


There is nothing tame about Pia Arrobio. From her fiery personality, to the clothes she creates for her LPA line, to her striking features (oh, did we mention she also has a mean trucker mouth?), Pia is a force that we're more than willing to reckon with. The minute we met her, we were completely engulfed by her magnetic energy. A fast talker, excitable, funny, energetic, talented, cool, sexy, with a passionate edge that makes you feel dumbstruck. 

With an ability to create a unique spark in everything that she does, find out what gets Pia hot and how she's using her vibrancy to switch up the dialogue women have with one another. #SakaraHotList



Name: Lara Pia Valentina Arrobio aka Pia @piaarrobio

Location: Venice Beach, CA

Job: Creative: Director, LPA

Mission: To actively be a good person everyday, to use LPA as a positive platform, design clothes that make women feel fucking good and to do the whole "my body is a temple" thing.

Favorite Sakara meal to heat up - Earth broth! With all the fixins'

Favorite winter activity - Hot Toddys and sex

Song that gets you hot - 1Train Asap Rocky

What do you do to stay hot? Design clothes, cuddle with my pit bull, Nina, drink lots and lots of spicy soup, shvitz at the Korean Bath House - great for the skin and the lady bits.

When do you feel hot? When we do photoshoots for LPA and the whole look is on point on the model- I get FIRED UP - and also seeing my clothes on someone gets me really excited and gets me feeling HOT! Physically speaking though, I love spinning, and taking Aaron’s class at Cycle House - it's my favorite part of the week. I crave it. Being able to push myself physically on the bike while also feeling like I’m at the club is fucking sick! 

What's a hot project you're working on right now? LPA LPA LPA LPA LPA LPA all day! Also, I'm currently working on a new project called 'I heard she's a bitch' (because I never want girls to say this about one another...) which is getting me real fired up.

What's the next hot thing in the world of design? Hopefully, it's more about how items are worn than what they represent. 


pia arrobio sakara life lianna tarantin

pia arrobio sakara life lianna tarantin

pia arrobio sakara life lianna tarantin

pia arrobio sakara life lianna tarantin

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