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For Jazmin Alvarez, Founder + Chief Curator of clean beauty and wellness e-shop
Pretty Well Beauty, a vacation packing list is crucial for feeling prepared and able to truly unwind. This summer, she swapped the sweltering heat of Manhattan for the Dominican Republic’s ocean breeze. Here’s what she packed, as told to Team Sakara. 

Ever since my baggage was lost several years ago, I never check my bags (I’m still not over it). As a result, I’ve become pretty good at packing everything I need in a carry-on and a large tote, covering trips up to 10 days long.  

Without a list I will for sure forget something. My packing style is very hierarchical—prioritizing the MOST important categories (beauty, wellness, clothing), and fitting in the rest (accessories, iPad, etc.) if there is space in my luggage. Thankfully, my trip required zero bulky clothing, allowing me to amp up my beauty and wellness product packing. Below, a look in my bags:


I always buy hair products upon arrival because I can’t bring full sizes in my carry-on, and can’t be bothered with putting them into travel containers. (They never hold enough product for all my hair anyway!)

  • Earth tu Face travel-size face wash 
  • Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator
  • Tinted SPF Moisturizer (My current favorite is also by Josh Rosebrook.)
  • Shayde Beauty Brightening Serum
  • Toothpaste + Floss + Toothbrush
  • Sun Potion Wildcrafted Shea Butter (I’ll use this as my night cream, in my hair, and on my body.)
  • Satin scrunchie + satin scarf + hair clip
  • Essential oils (I usually use lavender for sleep and frankincense for everything from skin scrapes to grounding meditations.)
  • A bright lip crayon (Keen by Axiology is my signature color. It’s the perfect pink/coral/red shade.)
  • Cream blush (Pro tip: Bring items that can serve multiple purposes. like the Axiology Lip to Lid Balmies, so you have room to buy more stuff at your destination.) 
  • Vapour Beauty eyebrow pencil 
  • Saie mascara
  • Well People translucent pressed powder + makeup brush
  • Beautology Lab 24K gold + collagen eye masks  (perfect to wear in flight)
  • Earthwise Beauty passion eye serum
  • Henne Organics lip balm + hand cream
  • Naturally London glass nail file
  • MĀSK hydrating sheet mask 

  • Wellness

    Incorporating Sakara goodies helps me a lot when I'm traveling or running around. My personal go-to? Sakara Protein Super Bars. They taste indulgent without being so, and they’re an easy way to stay on track when I'm outside of my element and normal routine.


  • Sakara Beauty Protein Super Bars
  • Sakara Detox Water Drops
  • Sakara Foundation 
  • Sakara Detox Tea
  • Iron tablets
  • Natural sleep aid product (I’m always trying different ones. Recently, I’ve been loving plant-based Mary Jane. It’s a full spectrum CBD gummy product that gets me to sleep and helps me stay asleep—which is no short of a miracle.)
  • Liposomal Vitamin C
  • Lastly, I ALWAYS bring—yet inevitably never use—a resistance band. I have these ambitious thoughts that I’ll actually work out in my room when I’m traveling… but I never do. Anyone else do this or is it just me?  


    If I’m going somewhere hot and tropical, like the Dominican Republic, I pack clothing that can be mixed and matched and isn't too precious. I honestly don't even want to feel the touch of clothing on my body, so I bring things that are super light and airy. 

  • 2 Thai skirts
  • 3-5 cotton t-shirts (plain white, striped and colorful)
  • 1-2 pairs of shorts  + at least 5 or 6 bathing suits + 2 dresses
  • 15 pairs of underwear
  • Light cotton robe


  • 1 straw hat + 1 pair sunglasses
  • 1 pair sandals + 1 pair of neutral-toned heels + 1 pair white sneakers (worn on the flight)


    To Carry


  • iPad + Book + notebook for journaling
  • Tote bag
  • Gum
  • Wallet + Passport + Keys + Cell phone + charger
  • Travel candle
  • Crystal (I always bring rose quartz, citrine, pyrite, and something for protection like black tourmaline.)


    Jazmin is the Founder + Chief Curator of Pretty Well Beauty. Follow her on Instagram @shoegirlnyc and keep up with the latest in clean beauty @prettywellbeauty

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