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Heading out of town, Sakaralite? Take plant-rich nutrition with. You can easily flex between program lengths each week—whether that’s a two-, three-, four-, or five-day program—and the number of meals you receive per day to account for changing schedules.

It’s also simple to change your delivery address to anywhere within the contiguous United States so you can still receive meals while away (think: Sakara delivery while you’re beachside). Just be sure to do so before Wednesday at midnight EST the week prior to your trip. 

Steps to Change Your Delivery Address

1. Open the Sakara App.
2. Click the calendar icon.
3. Scroll down and tap “edit delivery address.”
4. Enter your new delivery address and hit save.
5. You’re all set!

Bring transformative nutrition right to your fingertips. Download The Sakara Life App today to shop, manage subscriptions, view menus, and more.


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