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Sitting with Julie Bernier, Ayurvedic Practitioner and founder of True Ayurveda, it's clear she's onto something. We’ve met to talk about beauty and what Ayurveda, the traditional system of Indian Medicine, has to say about it. In short, I want beauty secrets and I know she's got them.

Julie came to this practice after years of cross continental travel and adventure when her body was going haywire. She was getting her period twice a month, had acne after years of clear skin, and her digestion was totally off. Nowadays, things are quite different.

For one, she emanates a deep calm that soothes everything around her - myself included. This is no small feat given I've just battled the traffic + construction-ridden PCH to arrive at her home perched atop a Malibu bluff. The view of the Pacific and ocean breeze help too.

Besides that, Julie's skin is baby smooth and youthful, her eyes the definition of bright, and the conviction behind her words are so pure and filled with love it's clear her passion for Ayurveda comes from having experienced true healing.

As we dive into a discussion about beauty, it becomes clear there is more to discuss than what kind of oil she uses on her face, or the foods she recommends for a youthful glow (though she tells me that too: argan + rosehip oils for face; Sakara favorites like leafy greens and more outlined below to get that glow).

Julie brings up the buzzy topic of “self care” and states something obvious yet profound. Sure, a luxurious bath or a long massage is great, but so is going to the bathroom when you have to pee. So is waking up and going to sleep in a rhythm natural to your body. So is thinking a positive thought first thing upon waking or pausing for a moment in gratitude before you eat. All of these are self care, all of these are Ayurvedic lifestyle tips, and even better, they’re all beauty tips.

Julie is passionate when she talks about Ayurveda’s simplicity and accessibility for everyone - it is not exotic herbs and million dollar smoothies, it's not intangible esoteric energy work, it's not Indian food, and it isn't outlandish lifestyle changes impossible to integrate into modern life.

Simply put (and really, there is no other way to put it), an Ayurvedic life is one that is aligned with what your body wants to do naturally, like listening to its cues, eating pure fresh foods, and remembering to spend a little time outside.

As Julie explains it, beauty is a reflection of feeling really, really good. When the physical body is healthy, you naturally radiate beauty, love, confidence. And the pursuit of deep wellness isn't superficial - caring for the physical body ensures you can achieve the bigger things in life… your purpose, spiritual development, and just having a great time while you are here on planet earth. The "secret" of Ayurveda is to live a life of simple daily routines that support your natural rhythms and are setup to make you feel really good, look great, and ensure you can live out your soul’s purpose.


So how can you add some Ayurveda to your day and beauty routine? Here are a few simple things you can implement right away:

1. Think a beautiful, loving thought as the first of the day (or as soon as you remember). Some favorites: "Thank you for this day", "Thank you for my life", "Thank you for the Sakara waiting on my doorstep" :)

2. Connect with nature: go for a hike or get up early to surf. Or just keep it simple: watch the sunset, take a walk during your lunch break, stop and look at a magnificent tree. Realize nature is everywhere and make an effort to connect with it during the flow of your day.

3. Calm your mind and enter into a positive mindset before you eat - take a moment of gratitude for your food and all that allowed it to arrive to you, read the label on your Sakara meal, and then dig in.

4. Eat beauty foods. Some Ayurvedic recommendations are mainstays in your Sakara meal program:

  • Steamed or sauteed bitter greens: According to Ayurveda, they're natural blood detoxifiers and the bitter flavor helps balance flare ups of the Pitta dosha, the main dosha of the skin responsible for acne + redness, and early greying of the hair.
  • Spices: aid in digestion and prevent the accumulation of toxins that clog pores. Cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, fennel, cumin, and fresh ginger are a few of Julie's favorites.
  • Berries: are light to digest and nourish the body tissues.
  • Honey: Ayurveda recommends consuming some local, raw honey every day, as it helps bolster immunity and adaptability to your local environment and is considered a healthy daily food.
  • Incorporate hydrating, water-rich vegetables and the full spectrum of colors for ample phytonutrients. These ingredients promote inner and outer radiance (and are highlighted in Eat Pretty week—one of Sakara's most beauty-centric menus of the year) 


    Want to know more? Julie works with clients privately from her practice in Malibu, you can attend her group workshops, cooking classes , and yoga at WMN Space and other locations throughout Southern California, and she leads guided trips to India twice yearly. Find her at www.trueayurveda.com

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