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While we deliver life-giving nutrition right to your door, the way to embody the Sakara mission—that transformation happens through the power of plants—can take many forms. Because we believe with every fiber that you are in the driver's seat of your own health

With this idea of autonomy in mind, we present our guide to living the Sakara life on the weekends...or whenever the nutrition program isn't stocked in your fridge. Sakara is never meant to feel like a rigid diet, but a lifestyle with flexibility, joy, and moments to find pleasure and presence through self-exploration of health. That being said, client queries consistently flood in about how to stay nourished in a way that's both nutritionally-balanced and doesn't skimp on joy. Enter, these short-and-sweet videos. This duo of sample days was created by Sasha Pagni, our ever-inspiring food alchemist and avid plant home cook. The Angeleno was tucked away in Mendocino for the spring and shared how she ate—colorfully, beautifully, healthfully–during a couple of days without her trusted Signature Program. Let these videos (find them here and here) serve as a launchpad to your own day living in the Sakara fashion. That translates to an abundance of leafy greens; eating the rainbow to reap all the benefits of antioxidants and micronutrients; healthy fats to help support your hormones, brain, and gut; and functional foods to supercharge your meals and heighten clarity and focus throughout the day. Enjoy the recipes and inspiration, all the while remembering to play by your own rules this season and beyond. 

DAY 1: 

Sasha shared her first sample day, packed with micronutrients, fibrous greens, and colorful foods that satisfy across all senses

Upon Rising: Drink a glass of water or a slippery tea infusion for maximum hydration, get outside for a bout of vitamin D, and take a few juicy inhales and exhales. Try to stay off your phone in the first 20 minutes and instead treat yourself like a plant, aiming for a little water and sunlight first thing. 

Breakfast: Create a satiating meal like the Herbaceous Sweet Potato Hash, that includes healthy monounsaturated fats from the avocado and bacteria-loving ferments, atop a bed of greens and savory root vegetables. 

Coffee Swap: Replace your morning cup with the Awakened Greens Elixir, an easy-to-make shot of grassy greens, ginger, and Detox Water Drops to help balance your immune system. If coffee is a non-negotiable for you, pair alongside for a quick hit of hydration. 

Supplement Break: Find time to squeeze in The Foundation, the ultimate curation of vitamins, minerals, and superfoods your body needs every day. Think of it as extra nutritional insurance

Lunch: Aim to enjoy 4-6 cups of leafy greens every single day, as it contains plant fiber. Integrative gastroenterologist, Dr. Robynne Chutkhan, explains one powerful reason we live by this diet pillar: "Eating lots of plant fiber helps to create a healthy, balanced microbiome by increasing the prevalence of species like Faecalibacterium Prausnitzii, one of the most abundant species in plant eaters. F. Prausnitzii boosts our immune system, and helps protect against lots of different diseases." Make sure to get in your greens and cut down on food waste too, with the Scraps + Seeds Romesco Sauce. It's a smoky spread that tastes phenomenal on a salad or high-quality bread. 

Hydration Pick-Me-Up: As the sun blazes on, make a quick Detox Sun Tea, adding ionic minerals for hydration at the cellular level—add a dollop of Manuka honey, if you please. The extra minerals will keep your energy up, while the whole-food sweetness serves to boost mood. 

Dinner: Enjoy something satiating and bright, like Springtime Pasta with Fennel and Leeks.



DAY 2: Sasha shared another riff on a DIY Sakara day; this time, she celebrated abundance in the form of nutrient-rich snacks and a dessert that squashes refined-sugar cravings.

Breakfast: Baked goods in the morning are a Sakara tradition...but always with a superfood twist. This gluten-free recipe includes Protein + Greens Super Powder quietly folded in the dough; that way, you get 12 grams of clean plant protein plus a dose of alkalizing greens to greet your day. Since health is wealth, we recommend investing in yourself by pairing a moist muffin with a glass of water and Detox Water Drops. The blood-cleansing chlorophyll will encourage circulation, lymphatic drainage, and easy digestion in the AM. 

Mid-morning refresh: While most might lean towards a second cup of coffee for extra energy, try to regain some zip with a tart green juice. Use what you have available; a delicious combination is greens, lemon, apple, celery, and cucumber. As an alternative, you can also grab a Metabolism Super Bar on the go and for a energetic protein boost.  

Lunch: To graze all afternoon but avoid feeling bloated, experiment with a plant-rich Mezze board; we highly recommend the accompanying delicious and creamy baba ganoush-inspired dip (edible flowers are optional). 

Dinner: After a highly active day, nourish with a grounding bowl of lentils, squash, and aromatic dukkah-inspired seed sprinkle. The colorful punch of pink is courtesy of a beet-tahini dressing. Make sure to add a generous drizzle.

Sweet Treat: Create a decadent yet nutrient-dense mousse for dessert using Metabolism Super Powder. Inside, the Ayurvedic ingredient gymnema sylvestre helps to block sugar receptors on your palate so you crave less sweets, making it a powerful dessert with multiple benefits. 

Post-Meal AperitifTo soothe adrenals and calm the nervous system, brew up a cup of Sleep Tea, made with valerian root and passionflower. 


For the full visual inspiration, be sure to check out the videos @Sakaralife on TikTok



The Fuchsia Lentil Macro Bowl

Herbaceous Sweet Potato Hash

Springtime Pasta with Leeks and Fennel

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