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A not-uncommon occurrence at Sakara HQ: In an attempt to stave off the cold and flu germs drifting through the ether—the perils of working in an otherwise blissful and airy SoHo loft—employees are seen downing giant, pungent capsules of herbs and supplements by any means necessary. Noses are held, water is chugged, kale salads are scarfed as chasers.

Sometimes doing the things we know we need to do to take care of ourselves isn’t the most fun. But we believe that a healthy lifestyle should be the result of overflowing self-love, and the habits that spring from that lifestyle should be enjoyable. They shouldn’t be a dreaded obligation; you should want do to them.

So in the spirit of innovation, joy, and making life easier on anyone who’s ever gagged on a Wellness Formula pill, our functional chocolates were born. Each is designed to turn the monotonous daily habit of taking a supplement into a delightful ritual that you actually look forward to. Like everything in our Clean Boutique, they are made with organic, consciously-sourced ingredients and are thoughtfully designed to deliver specific results. They complement a plant-rich diet beautifully, and will also be your closest ally on the days you choose the French fries over the salad.

Each variety in our functional chocolate lineup starts with raw dark cacao (only the best: Peruvian, organic, fair trade, single origin) and one gram of unrefined coconut sugar. From there, choose your own adventure; the question is, how do you want to feel?

Find Your Chocolate Match: 

Nootropic Chocolates

For energy, focus and brain clarity

Rapid results for our culture of instant gratification. That’s the promise of these chocolates, which channel the power of nootropics and adaptogens to help you be your most productive and inspired self. Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that boost brain power by increasing blood flow to the brain, resulting in improved focus and an energy boost. Research abounds; one such study suggests a 50mg dose of L-theanine increases the activity of alpha brain waves, which are linked to creativity. And think of adaptogens like a really good friend—they know what you need when you need it, even before you do. We used Gotu Kola, bacopa, and Lion’s Mane in our mind-sharpening blend to help reduce fatigue and regulate stress. In an instant, brain fog is lifted, scatterbrained becomes laser-focused, and you’re seeing things with fresh eyes. You won’t even miss the 3pm latte.


Award-Winning Beauty Chocolates

For collagen support and youthful, glowing skin

If you’re wary of animal-based collagen supplements—contents, quality, provenance—you’ll be happy to learn that Beauty Chocolates get their skin-enhancing power from 100% plant-based ingredients. The magic is in wheat-derived phytoceramides (don’t worry, no gluten involved), which replenish your body’s natural stores of ceramides to levels not seen since childhood. Unlike that pot of lotion on your vanity, these chocolates send skin-plumping, moisture-barrier-strengthening, fine-line-smoothing ceramides straight to your visage via the bloodstream for extra effectiveness. And they are effective; a clinical study revealed results in two weeks with daily use. The future of skincare very well may be edible.


The Original Chocolate Probiotics

For gut health and total-body wellness

Is it any wonder that these started it all, given our obsession with gut health? Inside each of these chocolates are 10 billion CFUs of live, active probiotics to help you cultivate a diverse and thriving gut microbiome, which, in case you missed it, is the key that unlocks not just digestion and immunity, but also radiant skin, balanced hormones, abundant energy, and lifelong vitality. To give you extra bang for your buck, we added prebiotic fiber, i.e. food for all those healthy microbes, in the form of yacon root (a sweet South American tuber similar to jicama). One to two chocolates daily in conjunction with a plant-rich diet; no prescription necessary.


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