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*Introducing the first ever Sakara Hot List! We're bringing you exclusive content from a carefully curated group of influencers who, frankly, just get us HOT
We searched high and low for the hottest artists, creators, entrepreneurs, fitness-pros, and all-around influential tastemakers who motivate and inspire us with the unique and daring ways they are turning their #thoughtstothings


Jenné Lombardo balances sex appeal, motherhood, and being a badass business woman. She's not afraid to flaunt what she has and is a constant inspiration to put oneself out there in the hottest way possible (be sure to check out her infamous Instagram), besides, who has time to be shy??

Too often women can be made to fear their feminine power, but Jenné reminds us all that it's something to embrace and showcase. 

So, really, is there any surprise Jenné Lombardo made our #SakaraHotList



Name: Jenné Lombardo @jennelombardo


Location: New York City 


Job: Founder, The Terminal Presents / Co-Founder, Made Fashion Week / Mother


Mission: To help people love and accept themselves for who they are. To always try harder. To lead a positive life of example for those around me. To participate in helping to make Mother Earth a better place to live. 


Favorite Sakara meal to enjoy hot: The Sakara-style Pasta Bolognese with chickpea pasta


Favorite winter activity: Movie marathons with my friends and family, frequenting the Russian bath houses, cooking different vegetarian soups and learning new recipes, I want to say snowboarding, but I sincerely hate the cold so don't go as much as I should.


Song that gets you hot: Kelly Rowland - Motivation, Miguel - Simple Things, Jeremih - Paradise


What do you do to stay hot?  Work out, eat ethically, laugh a lot, give back to my community as much as possible and an occasional vitamin drip to ensure my bod is getting all of the essential nutrients is major. And of course, sweating in a HigherDOSE infrared sauna on the regular.


When do you feel hot?  When I look in the mirror and see the changes my body is making as a result of living a disciplined lifestyle, working out and being gentle on myself. 


What's a hot project you're working on right now?  I love wellness and fitness so the project I am working on for GapFit to launch their summer collection is pretty exciting. Also, we are gearing up for MADE LA in June and have an incredible roster of designers and talent that I am excited to share with everyone! 


What's the next hot thing in fashion/brand partnerships? Diversifying fashion to include the fusion of music, art, technology and culture. It's not just one vertical anymore.


jenné lombardo sakara life lianna tarantin 

jenné lombardo sakara life lianna tarantin

jenné lombardo sakara life lianna tarantin


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