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After experiencing the magic of Jill Willard during a recent Sakara Wellness Wednesday in LA, we had to learn more.  As a gifted intuitive, medium and leader in meditation practice, Jill has touched the lives of numerous celebrities, business leaders, and influencers across the public and private sectors.  Jill is here to help us become present, as she believes we will thrive by realizing all healing comes from within and through trusting our gut instincts.  Read on to learn how opening intuition has empowered Jill's daily life, family, and relationships, and how it can empower yours too.



Tell us about your story and how you came to know you were an intuitive / medium?

When I was young I felt like a wise voice was helping me along the way, like I was loved and seen, and never alone. I could "hear" it almost like a we hear a memory but it was here in real time (the now) and it felt like a dear friend offering guidance in small gentle nudges. I felt it was a part of me connected to God. This intuition helped me in my young teens and through out school. When I reached my 20s this voice grew to a degree that offered a lot more information and that's when I knew I was an intuitive the way some one might know they are a singer, dancer, or meant to help people through teaching, medicine or firefighting. In my early 30s it was discovered in my birth chart in an evolutionary astrology reading (with the great Jennifer Freed) and I came out as an Intuitive a year later. The mediumship began a few months after that "coming out" and scared me to death. It took a few years to call myself a medium but I became more comfortable as I noticed it helped so many bodies and hearts heal.


What exactly is intuition and why is it important?

I believe intuition is a knowing or a part of our mind (the space in the front center in mind, where we call the sweet spot in meditation, or where some feel our third or higher eye is) that connects us with something more than our two eyes can see, maybe a "higher sight" or a link to our internal more quiet (wise) voice. An Intuitive can interpret this voice for our self and at times for others. 


Is intuition more important than intellect?

I feel they are even. In these times though I feel it is good to focus on the importance of growing our intuitive side as our intellect is a bit over stimulated/overgrown! I say this as we over-intellectualize (think) which is pretty dividing and ego stroking. This is a form of immaturity in many societies and I feel is happening in ours as well. Intuition connects. Over-intellect competes. Does using my intuition mean I can't be analytical? Of course not! We need both sides of our mind - we call it the greatest partnership - to have a balanced, beautiful, peace filled, joyous....life. Life is nothing with intellect only. Intellect does not keep us warm at night or nourish our bodies. Digestion and food assimilation (especially your wonderful food!) does not need intellect, the body does intuitively and biologically. Over thinking can tighten the stomach and create acidity ranging from food choices to a cranky (irritated) gut.


What are the most common misperceptions about intuition and mediums?

That it is the voodoo, witchery, the devil, or pure fluff. All things I believe said by fear or lack of understanding. We are now too smart and aware for this thinking or these silly outdated labels.


How do you ensure your well being is protected when you are faced with intuitive work that touches difficult emotions?

AH! That is a great question. Eating radiant foods with color, the more earthy the better. Clear, clean water and lots of rest or down time. Moving at the speed of a turtle (I am not joking.) Remembering that we are all brothers and sisters, and forgiving the pain inflicted by some (intention or unintentional.) Intuition comes back to help those acts be set free for both those who have acted and been acted upon.


How does nutrition impact intuition?

Huge impact as nutrients fuel clear thinking, an open heart, and wisdom of Mother Earth and embodying the elements of nature. 


What is your favorite part of being intuitive?

Watching people set themselves (their mind, their fears, their old stories, chains or rocks in their streams) free...


Your least favorite?

Watching people not help one another (greed or indifference), instead hurt one another, especially children, animals and those that do not have the tools to be free.


What are 3 practical tips anyone can use to tap in to their intuition?

Breathe more deeply into your diaphragm to calm adrenaline and fear/left brain over use, lay down and focus on assistance from "above" or within, and eat more Sakara foods with a smile and joy in your mouth and heart :)


What do you want your legacy to be?

That I was kind and walked, ate, and assisted in Love, for all Light forms. That this gift shined through and that I opened everything I could for healing.


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