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Model Lily Aldridge discovered Sakara at the same time she was becoming a mother. Not only was she on a quest to nourish herself with beautiful, nutrient-dense, delicious meals—she was determined to fortify her newborn’s health, too. 

“I was nursing at the time, and I just wanted to be very, very thoughtful about what I was eating and putting into [my body]—you know, especially making milk,” says Lily. “I found Sakara and I just felt really safe.” 

Flash forward a decade, and Lily is still hooked. 

“It's not just the food, it's the lifestyle,” says Lily. “It's self-love and self-care. I'm just so grateful that I've been able to eat your delicious food for years and nourish my mind, body, and soul.” 

We sat down with the long-time Sakaralite to learn just why she still leans on (and loves) Sakara after all this time. Below her insights on nourishment, joy, our sexy cinnamon rolls, and more. 

On (Not) Dieting: “For me, eating well does not mean dieting. I feel like there’s so much confusion about what that means for different people and for me, when I eat Sakara, it's for myself. It's for feeling good in my body, feeling nourished, feeling healthy, giving back to myself in a nice, healthy, positive way.” 

On Gifting Herself: “I'm so grateful for Sakara and the lifestyle it's afforded me. It gives me one less thing to think about. I know I'm taking care of myself and giving myself this gift, and it's wonderful.”

On Delivery Days: “You can feel the love coming from Sakara when it comes to your house. It's beautiful. It tastes delicious. Everything about it is just perfect.”

On Blissful Mornings: “Whenever I start my day with Sexy Cinnamon Rolls, I'm like life is good.”


On Pregnancy: “I had this whole new understanding and care for my body that I was never aware of before. I've always been a healthy person and led a healthy lifestyle, but all of a sudden I was like, ‘oh my gosh, there is a human that I am taking care of in my body.’” 

On the Revelations of Motherhood: “Becoming a mother is a huge, incredible moment where you do realize how profound it is to take care of yourself and what that means.”

On Important Distinctions: “Nurturing and nourishing yourself is a joy. It's not a chore.”

On Shoes + Sorcery: “This could be a shoe with the [Sakara] dressing on it, and I would eat it because it's so delicious. What sorcery is happening in this kitchen?” 

On Prioritizing Wellness: “We're on this earth and we're so blessed. I want to cherish myself, cherish my body—cherish what I'm doing with my body and putting into my body and being really thoughtful about all that.”

On Travel Essentials: “I can't tell you how many times I've woken up at, like, 4:30 in the morning, stuck Sakara in my purse, taken it on an airplane, landed in New York, and ate my salad in the car on the way to set.”

On the Evolution of Self-Care: “[Self-care’s] something that's constantly evolving in my life. But you start doing these little things and all of a sudden you're like, ‘Oh my God, I'm feeling so much better. I feel so much better in myself with learning what I'm doing for my brain, learning what I'm doing for my body, for myself—not for anybody else, not for what I look like.’ When I eat right and I am journaling in the morning and I am doing all these little self-care things for myself, it feels so good.”

Listen to Lily's Sakara Story here: 


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