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Music is a powerful tool, allowing you to ground down into your physical form and the present moment. The rhythm taps you in like nothing else, helping you take notice of the other senses at play: the salt on your skin, the warmth on your cheeks, and the flavors of juicy, fresh produce on your lips. To help you feel into your body, we linked up with Australian DJ and multitalented artist, Amrit, to curate a hot playlist for you during times of play and pleasure this season. 

"I try to incorporate sensuality in everything I do! There are so many different ways to focus in on pleasure… [whether it's] a walk on the beach, a sunset hike, the smell of fresh lilies in a clean apartment, or the enjoyment I get from holding someone’s hand," she says.  

With the primary goal to "elicit joy," Amrit put together beats that feel like sonic sunshine. There's a mix of jazz, throwback Usher, a dash of dancehall, and many tunes you'll want to turn up loud. Feel the heat, enjoy yourself, and maybe pair it with a libation. Amrit's drink of choice? "No matter the season, it's always a Grey Goose vodka martini, extra dirty with blue cheese olives." 





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