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When we started Sakara in 2012, we wore all the hats...chefs, delivery people, lawyers, accountants, web designers, and customer service team. Even though we’ve grown up a LOT since those days, we miss talking to each and every one of you.

So we created this space—Love + Light…it’s our way to connect with each of you again. (We miss you!) What will you find here? Musings, FYI’s, some essays on what we’re currently thinking about and maybe a few general updates. Always from us and always from the heart.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.


The blossoming of the New Year, while filled with hope, awe, and giddiness, can also be paired with expectation, restriction, and sacrificing.

We believe the New Year should symbolize optimism, not negativity. Starting fresh, not holding onto feelings and things that don’t serve us. It’s a clean slate. We can honor this by setting honest and loving expectations for ourselves, not believing the persistent narrative we often hear in our hearts and minds...we’re not enough in some way, or too much in another. And that the only solution is to sacrifice our pleasures and to hold back in order to achieve the “ideal”— body, job, lover, whatever society told you to dream up. Especially when it comes to our physical being, we’ve been told achieving “perfect” health equals choosing bland, cardboard food and silencing the pangs of unsatisfied taste-buds.

We’re “fed” a list of no’s: don’t eat this, don’t do too much of that. And what is this fear of bread?

We used to fall into this trap. We were confused by what would make us feel like our best selves and believed cutting out more food groups and eating less was the answer.

It’s 2019, though. Striving to shrink ourselves is the exact opposite of all that we are meant to do on this planet. Instead, let’s change the narrative. Let’s live bigger, love larger, chase dreams in a more audacious way. The most authentic, vivacious version of you doesn’t happen by nitpicking and hoping for less: it’s about living with a feeling of abundance, not fear.

The lightbulb went off for us when we realized food is not simply energy; it is information. One of our forever-teachers, Dr. Mark Hyman, puts it most eloquently: “Food is the code that literally controls almost every function of your body—including your hormones, appetite, brain chemistry, immune system, gene expression, and even your microbiome with every single bite. And that the quality of the information matters more than the quantity. The composition of the food you eat is what matters.

What if we threw away stories that no longer served us, and started celebrating abundance by feeding our souls? How about we begin our search for quality; in terms of organic, whole clean plants, of course— but quality in the thoughts we think to ourselves, the people we let in our lives, the wine we cheers with our friends, the media we consume? What if we decided to foster the most loving relationship with our plates, our bodies, and our minds in 2019? We stopped with the restrictions and invited the moments that bring us unhinged bliss — and said YES a lot more. Yes to eating the things that make us feel properly nourished and whole, to taking an extra hour for some "you" time, to wearing whatever the hell you want because it makes you feel powerful, to being bold in love, to being confident in your ideas, to trying something new, alone.

This thought to break free from the stale resolutions of yesteryear inspired us to create this manifesto for 2019. For us, it’s simple. Flood your body with the minerals, vitamins, colors, flavors, herbs, fiber, phytonutrients, the healing powers of medicinal foods—and lean into all forms of joy and rule-breaking adventures that your soul craves. Feel good about how you honor your body, not wistful. Leave no page unturned, and forge into the new year, shining your light.

Feed your spirit, not your fears.
Experience abundance, not deprivation.
Shift to a conscious ritual, not a thoughtless habit.
Don’t compromise your time or your cravings.
Eat joyfully, live wildly.
No sacrifices.
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