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I've recently become obsessed with astrophysics.

Sometimes I can't sleep at night knowing we're floating on a rock in the middle of nowhere. Instead of letting myself get anxious about it, I use that energy to learn something new. In one of my late night deep dives, I learned about how we can use various wavelengths of light to capture photos of things we cannot see with the naked eye. In other words, our eyes pick up one form of light, but not every type. So there are light waves that we cannot see... They're invisible to us. 

For example, there are rogue planets floating throughout the universe (some 10x the size of Jupiter) that our human eyes cannot see even through a telescope. It's not until we look into the night's sky through an infrared (a different type of light wave) filter that we can see them. So, there are huge, floating planets out there, but they're invisible... Even if a telescope takes our vision close enough, we still can't see them until we use a filter that allows us to see a new wavelength of light. 

We could be standing in front of a rogue planet and still not see it (though I'm sure we'd feel it)! And there's more than just infrared wavelengths that we can't see--microwave, ultraviolet, X-ray, and even radio waves are all invisible to us. 

That got me thinking... What’s right in front of me all the time that I can't see?

It inspired me to root down into my intuitive self and use some of my other senses to "see".  What rogue energies, thoughts, feelings, and things are floating in front of me?

In an effort to unveil some of these unseen forces, I've created a mantra for myself. It goes like this…

"I see all the beauty and magnificence there is to see."

I use it when I'm feeling stuck, frustrated, unsure or when I have a quiet moment to myself. This practice has allowed me to recognize that there is a world around me that I can connect to, a source of truth that I can tap into and a well of miracles right in front of me. A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as a "shift in perception".

I think the more we see, the more we shift… 

Love + Light, 


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