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Let’s talk sweet, Sakaralite, starting with a word from our founders and co-CEOs Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle: “From the very beginning, we’ve wanted to remind you that eating well can be as joyful as it is nourishing, and that falling in love with your body, your truest self, is the sweetest seduction.” We couldn’t think of a more perfect entrée to our brand new Chocolate Trio add-on. 

Each bar is crafted from a base of delectable organic dark chocolate, then infused with decadent flavors and superfoods. (Is there anything more Sakara than a sweet-and-creamy treat that just so happens to feature detoxifying broccoli sprout powder?)

Explore the three functional chocolate flavors, Pink Mineral Salt, Broccoli Sprout, and Strawberry Tahini, below, and savor them all when you select it as an add-on to your Signature Nutrition Program.

Pink Mineral Salt

We dusted body-balancing pink Peruvian mineral salt onto a dark chocolate base, and voila: A satisfying treat for sweet-and-salty devotees. All of our bars also feature cacao beans, brimming with polyphenols and flavonoids that nourish your gut microbiome, and coconut sugar, which is less likely to spike your blood sugar than refined sweeteners.


Broccoli Sprout

Decadent, nutrient-dense, and boosted with greens. That’s right. We added broccoli sprout powder to help support liver detoxification. This bar also boasts coconut milk, imparting a creamy, classic milk chocolate flavor that makes every bite feel extra luscious.


Strawberry Tahini

A little sweet, a little tart. And the word at Sakara HQ? This blend of tahini, strawberry, and nutty maca is reminiscent of a PB+J. Unlike the nostalgic favorite though, our decadently earthy bar delivers skin-nourishing sesame seeds and stress-soothing adaptogenic maca.


Ready to satisfy your sweet tooth? Add the limited-edition Chocolate Trio on to your next Signature Nutrition Program. Subscriber? Add it within your subscription program settings.



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