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At Sakara HQ, we've sampled, spritzed, doused — and tasted!— everything we can, in the name of wellness. With this breadth of experience, we're sharing what we reach for when the temps rise plus other personal essentials to coax out our natural beauty. To kick off this summer series, Sakara Life's Creative Director, Lianna Tarantin, shares her divine secrets to a glowing summer:


1. Dr. Sturm Sun Drops

I wish I could say that I've always been great at applying sunscreen, but after turning 30 three years ago I decided it was time to step up my game. Dr. Barbara Sturm is known for her "molecular cosmetics" and not only do her sun drops protect your skin against the sun but they also "promote regeneration of damaged cell structures". It's a little bit sticky, but to be honest that's what I like about sunscreen and when applying it helps to just mix a few drops right into your face moisturizer for a smooth finish. 


2. Beauty Shamans Sea Silk Face Wash

I love trying the latest it-product, but unfortunately my skin does not. After a rough winter of breakouts, irritations and feeling hopeless about getting back to being "clean + clear", Danna of NOY Skincare made me go cold turkey on every product I was using in my routine (see ya, P50) and changed the game for me and my skin. Not only did she help get my PH levels back on track, but she also introduced me to this miracle cleanser and I've never looked back. The silky sea minerals from organic laminaria algae "increase circulation while cleansing away surface impurities and dead skin cells" while also helping to calm redness. It's the closest thing to a post ocean cleanse without actually having to take a dip. 


3. JASON Vitamin E Oil

Even though I'm not a huge fan of oils for your face, I am obsessed with this Jason Vitamin E oil. After the shower, I slather this all over my body for pure shine. It does wonders for the skin and it smells of apricot, almond, and macadamia nut which are some of the essential oils found in here. One of my favorite places to buy beauty products is my local organic grocery and that's where I picked this one up. Also, I'm a sucker for anything that promises to "help fight lines and wrinkles" :)


4. Sakara Life Detox Water Concentrates

Because, margaritas... 


5. Papaya

My favorite thing to eat in the summer hands down is a freshly ripe papaya. Whether sliced and thrown into a smoothie or cut down the middle and consumed with a spoon, eating this smooth and buttery fruit immediately transports me to my favorite Costa Rican beach town. Beyond being delicious, papaya is a favorite for its health benefits including: improves digestion, detoxifying, rich in vitamin C, boosts immunity, fights inflammation, protects skin, and eases menstrual pain!


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