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We're going behind the scenes to uncover the beloved nighttime rituals (and nourishing daily routines) of some of our favorite women—how they charge up their internal batteries to translate dreams into reality, and power through life with zest and joy. Below, find Danielle Duboise, founder and co-CEO of Sakara Life provide a sneak peek into what day-to-night self-care looks like. 


On why sleep matters:

“I used to think my day depended on the quality of my sleep...but now I understand that the quality of my waking hours determines the quality of my sleeping hours. It’s all related, and nutrition and several other inputs are critical in order to rest and recover properly. Each day, I try to focus on what goes in my body, calming the nervous system, embracing ritual, and cultivating my connection with the divine.”



On food as the foundation: 

“I love the quote ‘a healthy person has a thousand dreams while an unhealthy person has only one.’ In order to dream big enough, we must do the work to take care of our bodies, hearts and minds. Otherwise, the noise of inflammation and fatigue get in the way and become louder than our dreams.” 

On boosting energy reserves: 

"I absolutely notice a shift in my sleep when I’m stressed, undernourished and/or eating poorly, which is why nutrition is so important. I take The Foundation, our daily packs of powerful plant-based supplements. They contain Adaptogenic B Complex for energy, mood, and sleep support. Adaptogens are herbs that support the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, glands that control many things like your hormones, energy reserves, immunity, mood stability, stress response, as well as sleep quality."


In order to dream big enough, we must do the work to take care of our bodies, hearts and minds

On multi-tasking tea: 

“I like to unwind by doing guided breathing and a meditation from Ziva Meditation along with a cup of tea. I also set aside time each night for my self-care routine and find that it helps me relax before bed. On nights when I want to do something extra luxurious, I’ll steam my face over a boiling pot with two to three bags of Sakara Detox Tea inside. It’s very high in antioxidants and helps to cleanse the pores.” 

On sexy outfits and the new kind of dance party: 

“At the end of a long day, I like to turn on Joni Mitchell and dance with my three year old. It always calms me down. I’m a big fan of a well-done, sexy pajama—sets me up for a night of great sleep! I love Fleur Du Mal and Sleeper 

And then on my nightstand, I always keep a stack of juicy reads, hand cream, and water with Sakara Beauty Water Drops. I try to drink 20 ounces in the morning but also some before bed. The drops help restore and elevate the mineral content of water. And together, the minerals create an environment of alkalization, hydration, pH balance, and appropriate absorption. This is crucial for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas, as we need to ensure our electrolyte and mineral balance is high and that we’re properly hydrated.” 



On beauty routines: 

“I exfoliate with Dr. Goldfaden Scrub then use Barbara Sturm Anti Aging Serum, and Vintner's Daughter Serum. And I make sure to take the Complete Probiotic Formula, which I consider a beauty product too as it nurtures the gut-skin connection.” 


On recurring dreams and messages: 

"I  meet my grandpa in my dreams often. He passed away a couple years ago at 99. It’s funny, my dreams are never about him, rather he interrupts my dreams to say hello. In my dream, I’m aware he’s not part of it, but in fact a visitor. I also have recurring dreams about my home in Sedona—visiting it, it being an important home-base in my dreams (and in my conscious life)." 

On the best medicine: 

"With babies, a growing business, and everything in between, I had to let go of trying to be perfect. If I can’t get to my routine one evening, I let it go. Same with food. If I can’t eat the way I’d like to because I’m traveling or it’s a weekend and I’m too busy to cook, I let it go and enjoy. Sometimes surrender is the best medicine." 


On the morning after: 

“The first thing I do in the AM is kiss my children and my husband. My little one usually wakes us up with a smile and it’s changed my entire being waking up to that face… really hard to have a bad day :) 

I’m also a coffee drinker which is one of my favorite rituals. Lately I’ve been having a latte with our Metabolism Super Powder. I make my own almond + coconut milk, use a frother to whip it up, then add it to my coffee (I love Canyon Coffee) and it’s basically the healthiest mocha latte one could have.”


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