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You may have seen some new Sakara ads in the New York Times, online, or even on a billboard in Soho. And it’s a big deal for us. It’s our very first national ad campaign with a simple message: No Sacrifices.

But how did we get here?

We wanted a fresh message in the new year (aka the diet/resolution season). It was a conscious response to the normal detox, deprive, deny attitude that exists after the climax of a joyful celebratory season. That doesn’t resonate with us. So we decided to change the conversation.

We worked with the amazing team at RoAndCo who helped us to bring our new message to life and we could not be more excited about the results. We see it as an evolution of what our message has been all along: to experience abundance, not deprivation. To feed our spirit, not our fears. To not compromise our time or our cravings. To eat joyfully and live wildly.

We shot everything late last year in a Brooklyn photo studio...filled with friends and fans of Sakara (including our two founders), tons of delicious, plant-rich meals, and a room filled with abundant, vibrant whole foods, fabrics, flowers, people, and plants.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our No Sacrifices campaign...By The Numbers:

250+ Photos taken throughout the day (see outtakes below)

35 Sakara meals eaten...with abandon

67 Age of oldest model, Jacky

5 months Age of youngest model, Star 

27 Number of outfits pulled for models

100+ Vibrant, delicious ingredients present and used throughout the day  

15 Bottles of Beauty Water on set keeping everyone hydrated all day long

5 Sets of hands used to assemble the long Sakara table

27 Feet of tablecloth needed to cover the table  

10 Hours on the photoshoot set, start to finish

20 Number of flower and plant varieties used on set including birds of paradise, anthurium, ginger, lily, palm fronds, heliconia, passionflower, palm seed pods, and orchids (enough for everyone to take home a bouquet) 

35 Number of  locations our "No Sacrifices" posters are pasted around New York City

3 Hours it took to put up our billboard on the corner of Bleeker and Lafayette Streets (check it out if you're in the neighborhood) 


Here are some behind-the-scenes images from the day. We’re so grateful for everyone’s time, hard work, and creativity that brought our "No Sacrifices" message to life.


More on "No Sacrifices"

To hear our founders Danielle and Whitney’s thoughts on the genesis of our message, read their Love + Light letter.

We’ll also be sharing what our founders, friends, and collaborators behind the campaign have to say about what "No Sacrifices" mean to them. Coming soon. 

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