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Nourish. Move. Radiate. Three words we’re living by this season—that sum up all that’s in store for this summer’s 30-Day Reset. 

For us, the route to summer-readiness doesn’t mean deprivation or feeling less-than; it means diving in, and embracing rituals that make us feel strong, radiant, and ready to revel in every moment of the sunny months ahead—and beyond. 

Whether that’s whipping up a plant-rich dinner party mezze board, clinking glasses of stone fruit sangria with a lover, or sweating it out to Robyn in your air-conditioned living room (we’re not judging)—we’ve got you covered. 

Read on for the 30-Day Reset rituals we’re keeping close this summer. 

Plant-rich recipes that bring the rainbow to your plate and transformation to the table. 

Farmer’s Bounty Plate with Chilled Coconut-Turmeric Rice Noodles
Grilled Vegetable Salad with Bright Herb Dressing
Hydrating Peach-Cucumber Frisée Salad
Tamari-Chili Tofu Lettuce Wraps with Bang Bang Sauce
California Kitchen Sink Salad
Plant-Rich Mezze Grazing Board
Sparkling Stone Fruit Cocktail
The Green Juice Cocktail


Have you heard? Sweat is an excellent detoxifier. Move into your radiance—and let these playlists take you higher.

Get High on Movement: Our Favorite Ways to Work Up a Sweat 
A Heart Opening Exercise 
3 Yoga Flows to Awaken, Warm Up, or Wind Down
A Prenatal Workout

Music for breaking a sweat: 
In the Summer Flow Playlist
The Happy Playlist 
The Non-GMO Champagne Playlist
The Take Me Away Playlist 
Sonic Sunshine Playlist


Inner and outer radiance starts on your plate. Read on for our secrets to dewy, hydrated skin, and a glow that won’t quit. 

The Juiciest Beauty Secret
What To Eat When You’re Breaking Out
Lymphatic Drainage Beauty Secrets
The Guide to Ageless Radiance
Beauty’s Best Foods

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