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A peek into our exclusive two-day Ambassador event

We’re on a mission to transform lives through the power of food as medicine, but we can’t do it alone. We’re so filled with gratitude for The Sakara Circle—our community of brand ambassadors—for joining us on this journey and empowering their own communities’ transformations along the way.

Recently, over 100 of our ambassadors—from nutritionists to spiritual practitioners to fitness instructors—joined us for our annual Circle Summit, an exclusive two-day event at Sakara HQ celebrating connection, vulnerability, joy, inspiration, and nourishment. More on the magic that unfolded below. 


Day One

After gathering for a plant-rich Sakara lunch, our ambassadors joined our founders and co-CEOs Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle for a breathwork exercise to bring together all the radiant energy in the room. Danielle and Whitney followed the grounding practice with a conversation about the “why” behind Sakara, sharing their personal reckonings and transformation stories. Sakara Circle members were inspired to share their own Sakara Stories, getting vulnerable and digging deep to discuss how their relationships with food and their bodies have evolved since discovering Sakara.

The day unfolded in true Sakara fashion: Ambassadors got a behind-the-scenes look at a photoshoot for our Signature Nutrition Program, explored a the science behind our latest innovations with our in-house nutritionist, and were joined by an educator from our charitable partner organization, Wellness in the Schools, for an equally informational and inspirational session on childhood nutrition. 

Nourishment Hour capped off day one, in which we communed around a beautiful tablescape teeming with seasonal produce, savory dishes, natural wine from Rock Juice, and spirits courtesy of BODY Vodka and Solento Organic Tequila.


Day Two

The next day was just as motivational, commencing with a sun-soaked morning movement session led by ambassador Samantha Jade, followed by a Kundalini meditation and south bath led by Erika Polsinelli

The remainder of the day was spent nourishing with Sakara meals and snacks, unpacking metabolic health with integrative medicine physician Dr. Taz, listening to a panel on turning thoughts to things featuring some of our ambassadors, and gathering for a reflection-filled closing circle. 

Everyone at the Summit—whether present physically or attending virtually—left uplifted, more connected, and better equipped to spark transformation in their own communities.


Love living the Sakara Life?  Passionate about helping others transform? Want to attend our next Circle Summit? Apply to join The Sakara Circle.

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