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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there's a concept called Jing—one of "The Three Treasures," along with Shen and Qithat denotes your essence or genetic blueprint. Thought of as a fluid you inherit, it's a precious substance that flows within to keep you vital, alive, and thriving. It's so critical that once your body runs out of Jing, your physical body simply can't go on. The idea of restoring and refueling your Jing is an important one—and a tell-tale sign you are physically flourishing is by looking at your crown. Thick, luscious hair is a physical cue that your hormones, blood, and nervous system are in sync. But it's important to understand the steps to get you there; voluminous, shiny hair is the result of circulation and stimulation at the follicle. Naturally, we look to plants to achieve the locks of our dreams. 

These days, our beauty regimens hinge on horsetail, a key component in the Metabolism Super Powder. It works as a diuretic and de-bloater, but is also rich in silica. Silica is a mineral that restores connective tissues, strengthens hair, and increases blood circulation to support the follicles. Not only has it been shown to help preserve hair integrity, it even enhances sheen and texture, with powers that extend to improve skin elasticity and brightness. Silica also supports the body's stores of vitamin D, glucosamine, and calcium, which are all building blocks for buoyant, hydrated cells; strong bones; nails; and protected collagen stores. 

Another beauty bonus? Horsetail is abundant in selenium, a mineral and powerful ally for the thyroid and hormones since it helps process iodine. The plant extract also offers flavonoids, antioxidants, and aconitic acid—the latter of which has shown to help alleviate toxic buildup and fatigue. Good hair and fervent energy, when channeled properly, is a powerful combination.  

Extra Credit | The adaptogen, ashwagandha, is also a popular hair supplement ingredient as it regulates the HPA axis and activates GABA levels, which is known to soothe anxiety. In the kitchen, stock up on sulfurous plants like cruciferous vegetables, hemp seeds, alliums (think: garlic and onions), and maca root. You might be familiar with seeing MSM in the beauty aisle, as it's a sulfur-containing compound. Your hair loves minerals! Important structures surrounding the hair follicle are environments especially rich with sulfur; several studies even indicate MSM supports alopecia-related hair growth. This makes sense, as sulfur is essential in the production of two critical hair, skin, and nail building blocks: collagen and keratinKeratin is a fibrous protein and protective shield around the hair shaft, and is also the key to building resilient, unbreakable nails. Collagen is composed of three chains of amino acids including glycine, lysine, and proline, that form a triple helix. These proteins also require vitamins B and C for synthesis, which sulfur-rich, leafy greens have in spades. Together, these compounds work to support the skin’s structural framework, elasticity, and strengthen the blood. 



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