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The mantra in the Sakara kitchen is “chef-crafted for pure joy.” Our meals are developed and made with love and care to provide one of the most important nutrients of all—pleasure. We use this same barometer when creating recipes you can cook at home. This year, there were more original recipes than ever before because we know there are days (or weeks) where you can’t have Sakara delivered to your door. But that’s no reason not to relish in life-changing nutrition with ingredients you can trust and flavors that transport. 

We have gathered some of our most popular recipes below. There should be something for every part of the day and every mood or craving that arises.



Mornings can be a vulnerable time, nutrition-wise. You either jump into the day forgoing a morning meal or grab something that could spike blood sugar (cue the croissant). Having an array of easy, gut-loving breakfast options ensures a fulfilling, nourishing foundation for your day. 

Chickpea Scramble

This simple base is exceptional as a breakfast bowl, on a bagel, or paired with fresh greens. 


Colorful Smoothie Bowls

These rainbow-drenched dishes are an edible art project to make at home and fuel inspiration.


Rainbow Mylks 

A happy wake-up call, each hue is abundant with phytonutrients, minerals, polyphenols, and antioxidants. 


Banana Bread With Vanilla-Tahini Butter

A soul-soothing staple gets an upgrade with a nutty spread with notes of honey and pumpkin.


Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Simple Swiss Muesli

A no-cook, no-fuss bowl of morning goodness for your skin and spirit. Doctors orders. 


The craveability of a salad often hinges on the dip, topping, and dressing paired with it. These vessels of flavor can seduce you into eating 4-6 cups of leafy greens a day. It’s all about using a little imagination. Try any of these next time you are staring down your crisper drawer. 

3 Secret Sauces To Elevate Your Greens

Some of our most asked-for dips and dishes ensure your most simple salads and veggies sing.


3 Dressings To Electrify Your Plant-Rich Plate

Another round of dressings and dips for squeezing in enough colorful vegetables every day.


Marinated Beets
This divine  recipe plays well in sandwiches, macro bowls, or as a scene-stealing side dish. 


Pan-Roasted Mushrooms
Add these mushrooms to any plate of greens or bowl of salad for a kick of garlic and lemon, balanced with umami. 




We’ve long believed that it's what you put in your gut, not just what you put on your dermis, that sets the stage for a truly radiant complexion. That’s because your microbiome, the thriving ecosystem of 38 trillion microorganisms in and on your body, has a direct link to the clarity, quality, and youthfulness of your skin. Think of these recipes as edible skincare.

Glowing Rose Adaptogenic Latte

This frothy concoction has antimicrobial honey, biotin in the pistachio milk, Tocos' vitamin E, and immunity powerhouse Reishi mushroom. 


Green Papaya Salad

Enzymes papain and chymopapain can decrease inflammation and remove damaged keratin.


Green Lemonade

Detox Water Drops are a daily nonnegotiable—nutritional insurance for clear skin and easy digestion, thanks to a solid source of magnesium. Add a touch of organic maple syrup and a squeeze of lemon and turn it into a treat. 


A Duo of Bean Stews 

A one-two punch beauty and detox food; these two vibrant bean dishes are far from boring.




There are times we just need to dive into something robust and rewarding. But comfort does not have to mean over-processed, salt-laden foods that make you feel sluggish, bloated, and regretful. The dishes below are all about adding good stuff while never subtracting flavor and oomph. 

Stuffed Japanese Sweet Potato

A quintessential comfort food gets an upgrade, complete with healthy fats, antioxidants, and B12. 


Full Moon Spiced Squash Soup 

Celebrate the splendor of winter gourds in a silky smooth soup brimming with phytonutrients.


Sunshine Curry Stew

Nourish a party of one or whomever you love with something bright, spicy, and consoling.




Lunch is not only a great time to pause, breathe, and take a much needed break in your day, it is an opportunity to create a midday meal that is a celebration of life-giving color, substance, and style that will have you reaping the benefits all afternoon.

Smoky Bean Salad

Originally devised for a summer road trip, you’ll love this tangy bowl anytime, anywhere.


Probiotic Macro Bowl

Macrobowls are intrinsically flexible, so think of this recipe as a guide, not a rule. 


Daydreamer Soba Noodle Bowl

A client favorite for years, it features grounding shiitake mushrooms for focus, asparagus for cellular regeneration and fortitude, and a fiery chili sauce to ignite your wildest daydreams. 


Zucchini Carpaccio with Cashew Squash Blossoms

It might look fancy but at its core, is incredibly approachable and simple. This is one of those dishes that looks wildly decadent while being loaded with vitamin A, C, folate, and fiber.




There’s no more rewarding sight than a cupboard or fridge stocked with ready-to-eat foods that boost good fats, plant protein, sulfur-rich veggies and hydrating vitamins. Any of these make-ahead, eat-all-week recipes are a blessing for a busy calendar.

Ferment Any Vegetable

This DIY method is an easy way to up your intake of gut-friendly probiotics, which will support your all-important immune system and improve digestion.


Super Power Protein Bites

A trio of nutty bites, chock full of herbal healing. Flexible and delicious no matter what you have on hand. 


Vanilla Cashew Dream Cream

Paired with a slice of homemade bread, an apple, or just enjoyed by the spoonful, our riff on a  baked-good-topper is reinvented with vibrant nutrition. 


Spicy Green Protein Crackers

You’ll have no guilt reaching for these fiber-rich crackers bursting with flavorful herbs like cumin, garlic and fennel. 




Though it often goes unchallenged when someone claims sugar equals evil, we know it is more nuanced than that. There is room for cookies or creamy treats in a diet of clean, fresh healing plant-foods. Enjoy any one of the below with abandon and don’t sweat the sweet stuff.

Holiday Cookie Hotlist

Each of these taste luscious and rich without the addition of refined sugar, butter, or eggs.


Herbal Popsicle Trio

All three variations offer distinct and delicious flavor along with healing, calming, hydrating, and refreshing effects


Red Velvet Metabolism Smoothie

The genius blend of beets, cacao nibs, and bananas produce a sweet rich taste while fighting inflammation, soothing digestion and increasing immunity defense and cognitive health.




There’s really nothing else to say but cheers! 


Herbal Mocktails 

Citrus-y and herbaceous or tart and full of adaptogenic berries...two non-alcoholic libations that taste like a celebration.


Vanilla + Meyer Lemon Gin and Tonic

We gave this classic cocktail a sensual twist by adding a squeeze of perfumed Meyer lemon juice and vanilla-infused simple syrup to stir the senses and arouse the spirit.


High Vibrational Pumpkin Spice Latte

Our version of an autumnal (or anytime) favorite boasts real, plant-based ingredients to sip. 

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