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We filled our debut cookbook with 100 of our most decadent, and healing recipes. Some you know, some you love. Because we don’t believe in restrictions and we definitely don’t believe in guilt, we made sure that not only were these the foods you would love but everyone you care about would love too. We’re often asked, “Can Sakara satisfy a hungry brunch crowd? or “Is there anything my carnivore father would like?”

The answer is yes. That’s why we asked our founders, Danielle and Whitney, to curate some of their favorite dishes to share with others on any occasion, from weekday dinner with the family to a saucy girls’ night in to a relaxed Sunday brunch. Each dish embodies our motto, Eat Clean, Play Dirty because taking good care of yourself (and the ones you love) in a long-term sustainable way is as much about pleasure and the freedom to make choices that feel good as it is about nourishing your body.

Excited to start cooking? Order your copy of Eat Clean, Play Dirty here. And browse our recipe archive anytime for more Sakara-approved meal ideas.


Brunch Ideas:

Chickpea Scramble, pg. 44
Sakara Everything Bagels with Garlic Schmear, pg. 47
Fruit Parfait with Bee Pollen Crunch,
pg. 74

Danielle: “Who doesn’t love a classic brunch? These meals are some of the first foods we’d grab for at a typical breakfast table, but we added extra nutrients so you’ll feel even better after every bite.”


For the Family:

Super-Food Chia Pancakes, pg. 50
Classic Cauli Pizza, pg. 197
Southwestern Polenta Casserole, pg. 198

Danielle: “These meals are particularly family friendly as they are fun and easy to make but still rich with nutrients and so tasty that the family won’t even know they’re healthy.” 


For a Girls' Night In:

Sexiest Salad in NYC, pg. 87
Pink Beet Hummus, pg.  107
Turmeric + Meyer Lemon Squares, pg. 210
Desert Rose Cocktail, pg. 224

Whitney: “These meals are beautiful and delicious and will leave all the ladies feeling light but nourished. All of these meals are client favorites too! Enjoy the hummus with a fresh crudités or Sakara chia tortillas.” 


For Feeling Pretty:

Beauty Elixir, pg. 56 
Rainbow Wrap,
pg. 82 
Youth + Beauty Salad,
pg. 92

Danielle: “Here at Sakara, eating pretty means you’re nourishing your body and having fun while doing it. There’s no deprivation, only joy. These recipes are perfect for when you want an extra dose of hydration so you can get that Sakara glow!”

For Faking Out Meat Lovers:

Cowboy Chili + Cornbread, pg. 159
Taco Salad with Walnut "Chorizo", pg. 165
Thai Burger + Root Fries, pg. 188

Whitney: “Eating delicious food does not have to be and should not be boring! In fact, we like to think that sakarafying a meal actually makes it taste better because we’re using nutrient-rich foods that add even more flavor than you might be used to. Try these meals when you need to convince someone eating plant-based doesn’t have to be all kale all day.” 


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