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Sakara is on a mission to changes lives through the power of food as medicine and at Sakara HQ we take this job very seriously. We move fast. We're on the ground visiting farms and tasting new blends of greens, we're in the kitchen turning plant-based dreams into reality, we're researching and developing never-before-seen products, and we're on the phone (and email and Instagram and text), talking to you, our clients, to make sure that Sakara is meeting this mission every single day. 

As a team, we eat Sakara daily, workout regularly and attend happy hour frequently. We know that Sakara-magic happens when our bodies are in check which is why we take the time, every month or so, to hit reset. To take inventory of our physical state and swap out the toxins in our system in favor of body-loving nutrients. 

We know how lucky we are to fully live the Sakara Life every day, and as part of our mission, we are *so* excited to make this lifestyle even more accessible with the introduction of our latest product, the 10-Day Reset. The 10-Day Reset is a one-stop shop for hitting reset. It contains functional products, supplements and recipes that you can make in your own kitchen and will help you cleanse your system in just 10 days.

I surveyed my friends (i.e. colleagues) to find out when, why and how they're pressing RESET this summer. Here's what they said:  


Olivia M., Social Media Manager

Memorial Day Weekend Beach House = 10 Day Reset on deck!  I’m getting ready to head to the beach for Memorial Day and will sip my rosé freely knowing that I have a full collection of detox essentials is waiting for me when I get back. Balance is my favorite b-word!


Hannah S., S Life Content

Bridesmaid season means 10 Day Reset all summer long. I want my gut health to be top notch (no bloat, easy digestion, glowing skin) regardless of how many champagne toasts are in my future— so the probiotics, detox concentrates and Protein + Greens Super Powder will be a part of my everyday regimen. Because of all the flights I'll have to catch too, I'll be so grateful for the energy and detox bars to feel like I'm snacking well. I'm excited to feel confident and present for all my friends + loved ones' big days.


Amanda B., VP Press & Partnerships

I'm taking a huge trip this summer to Costa Brava & Majorca (Spain) and cannot wait to use the 10 Day Reset Kit to prepare. I'll be cooking the recipes for myself and my husband so we can get beach ready and packing the bars in our carry-on so we don't end up eating crappy airport snacks! Will be essential to get our microbiomes in tip top shape before indulging in tapas and vino for 2 weeks :)


Nikki B, Client Success Manager

Wedding season is upon us! With bachelorette parties and weddings to attend almost every other weekend, I'm so glad I have the 10-day Reset to carry me through and also to come back to after indulgent weekends away - I can bring the Clean Boutique items with me to avoid sad airport snacks, and the recipes are perfect for keeping me on track throughout the week. Now I can have my second (or third) helping of wedding cake stress-free!


Freya Z, President

I'm on a clean-eating kick with my husband and we're each trying to lose 5 lbs.  We LOVE the morning Protein + Greens Super Powder smoothie ritual and are excited to do the week's meal prep each Sunday.  Easy, healthy recipes are in short supply and these are amazing.  Love that this reset includes probiotics kicks our plan into high-gear!


Olivia K, Operations Manager

My college 5-year reunion is two weeks after Memorial Day weekend. I'm so happy I have the 10 Day Reset to get back to feeling like my best self after one non-stop busy weekend before moving on to the next big one!


Kiki D., Marketing Manager

I'm moving to California this summer, which means a cross-country road trip from New York to San Francisco, and a LOT of meals on the road. My 10 Day Reset box is waiting for me at my new apartment when I arrive, and I love knowing it'll help me start off my life in a new city feeling refreshed + replenished!


Erica S., Community Engagement Senior Associate

I am beyond excited for the Sakara 10-Day Reset. I am obsessed with cooking at home, but I always struggle to find the right recipes. This product is the answer to my prayers! I am in the midst of planning a girls-trip to Spain this summer, so this reset will be the perfect way to get me feeling confident and sexy in my (yellow polka dot) bikini ;) 


Leah S, West Coast Partnerships Manager

The summer solstice is my half birthday, and what better way to check in with myself - body, mind, and spirit - than a reset starting from the inside out? This new Sakara kit helps me slow down by taking two weeks to cook for myself and pay close attention to what's happening inside. It will be a great way to pause and reflect on the first half of the year, and get excited about all that is to come. 


Kelsey C, West Coast Operations Manager 

Wedding planning can be stressful but the 10 Day Reset is the perfect detox to get ready for the special day. With all of the amazing Sakara essentials, I know my skin will be glowing and I will feel like my best self celebrating with friends and family! 


Betsy M, VP of Marketing

I've been counting down the days for the 10 Day Reset to become available!  I had my second baby a few months ago and am trying to lose the baby weight (again!).  I know from Sakara that the key is to eat clean, whole foods and not count calories, but I'm exhausted and don't have the energy to plan meals, which naturally has led to making bad food decisions.  I appreciate that the 10 Day Reset is grounded in Sakara's robust nutritional science, is safe for breastfeeding moms, and gives me a comprehensive plan for eating and drinking that I can continue well beyond the 10 day program.  It's so straightforward, it takes all the decisions and stress out of trying to lose weight. And I love that the Reset even includes Sakara bars - the Detox Bars are my fave for throwing in my diaper bag to snack healthy while on the go!


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