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Summer recipes to nourish energy, pleasure, and joy. 

“Eat Clean, Play Dirty.”—our seasonal mantra is a reminder to feast on life. Indulging in nutrient-dense foods fuels our bodies, while embracing peace and pleasure nourishes our joy.

Read on for recipes to satiate your senses and leave you feeling (and looking) radiant for seasons to come.

Quench your thirst with nutrient-forward takes on cocktails, coffees, and more. Make as mocktails or spice things up with the libation of your choice.

Sparkling Stone Fruit Sangria
Summer in a glass. Packed with juicy fruits and a hydrating boost of ionic trace minerals and electrolytes to energize your body with every sip.

Detox Lemonade
This citrus refresher is powered by “plant blood”—also known as chlorophyll—the verdant pigment breathing life into every cell in your body.

Green Juice Cocktail
Make it a hot green summer with this signature cocktail your skin (and taste buds) will thank you for.


Enhance your metabolism with energizing recipes featuring our Metabolism Super Powder.

Metabolism Revving Frozen Coffee
Cacao-rich nutrition to get you through your next morning meeting—or just out to the beach? Yes please.

Chocolate-Cherry Metabolism Super Smoothie
Take on your afternoon slump (and sweet tooth) with this bloat-reducing, metabolism-boosting super smoothie.

Metabolism-Revving Pancakes
Skip the morning rush—and lean into breakfast bliss— with these cravings-curbing pancakes, featuring simple, healthful ingredients to wake your metabolism all the way up.

Coconut Cacao Crunch Parfait
Creamy and delectable, this sweet confection is a gut-healing mood-booster—morning, noon, or night.

What recipes are helping you savor the best of summer? Tag us with your favorite tastes

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