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The calendar might read “spring,” a season marked by awakening and freedom. But for the time being, we are obliged to cocoon indoors. This makes the space we call “home base” more important than ever. When arranged with intention, it can set the stage for a metamorphosis.  

There’s no need to overhaul every system or alter regular routines—that’s already been taken care of by the universe. But according to intuitive home stylist, Meghan Wallace James, this moment is an opportunity for some inner energy shifting by tweaking what surrounds you. Feng Shui is a tool for both cultivating and navigating change—baby steps and quantum leaps alike,” James says. 

The Foundation of Feng Shui

An ancient Chinese practice, Feng Shui is a practice that uses design to promote harmony and energy flow in a room or building. Different aspects of a space can support or block the things we’re really after: sex and love, abundance, career opportunities, money. In James’ experience, the universes of space, style, and sex are so deeply intertwined that each one informs the others. The goal is to rid rooms of what she calls “pockets of discord,” creating a clearer, healthier mental space. So, if your bedroom is a catchall for clothes to be donated or a mini cacti terrarium, it may be difficult to call in a lover when you’re sending (cluttered and spiky) mixed messages. 

The act of giving your space new breath is not rooted in superstition, but empowerment and pragmatism. Think of it as equal parts efficient and sexy. The end result is a chance for a satisfying—metaphorical or very real—exhale. Whether you decide to begin this weekend, in the middle of the night, or toy around a little each day, here are some simple steps to kick off a season in alignment. 


Set a Sensual Scene

Sensuality is simply fine-tuning your senses to what is and isn’t working. An initial step is to activate the senses with gusto. That can mean playing music you can’t help but groove to, or lighting a candle with an evocative scent. Through visual cues, the mood can also shift from a narrative of fear and worry to one that values play and levity. In James’ case, she’s gravitating towards “vintage frocks, braiding my hair, and deep-diving into erotic content from around the world, many directed by women.” Devise how this time and space can satiate your own sense of hearing, touch, smell, and self-care. 

Giving your space new breath is not rooted in superstition, but empowerment and pragmatism.


Reframe What Is

Perhaps you’re fuzzy about what you want shifted, but the ache for change is strong. Free write for a few minutes about what you are attracted to in this world—from textures, colors, and music to people, ideas, etc.— and what you naturally evade. The key is to let it flow without judgment. Then, look around to see if your space is dialed into your desire. If your dreams don’t match with your current reality, James advises against an online-purchase frenzy. Instead, take stock, and imagine what is already possible. Dust off your dreams and "shop your home": rearrange, redesign, rearrange again, then release the excess. "I swear rearranging rooms opens new neural pathways in your brain”, James suggests. A proper purging might leave you with empty spots, but be patient: letting the space linger is a cosmic signal to bring in what you want versus being satisfied with complacency. 


Create Altars

If you’re seeking prosperity in your career, or a more robust sex life, your home base can help move those mountains. James suggests reaching those goals by devising “stations of creativity.” and “incognito altars of love and abundance.” Find heirlooms and cherished possessions and give them a proper spotlight. Compile a stack of books with juicy, expansive titles in plain sight. Strategically place art projects where it makes sense and design a corner that channels play. If you have kids, like James, designate elements of wisdom in the house to encourage resourcefulness— the classroom is now inside, after all. 


Inject Earth Elements

Since roaming the great outdoors is limited and must be practiced with caution, now is a great time to spruce up your space with earth elements that connote grounding, healing energy, and cyclical rhythms. Make a point to fill rooms with what you may already have: natural light, plants, pottery, tile, crystals, or stones. James says these items “stack the deck” for health, wisdom, and love. In the kitchen, play with herbs, weeds, and flowers. If there’s opportunity, give your houseplants a chance to sunbathe—and feel free to join them. 


Bless Your Breakfast, Dinner, and Snacks

Strengthen the line of communication between gratitude and abundance, and begin in the kitchen. When it comes to nourishment, now’s the time to make yourself feel spoiled with what you have available: Take out your nice glasses, pop open the wine you’ve been saving, and fill the house with aromas that summon nostalgia or healing. Feed your body with ingredients that elicit feelings of sensuality and beauty. Even if your meals start to feel redundant, take the time to bless them and express heartfelt appreciation. That thankfulness will surely reverberate around your home. 

When it comes to nourishment, now’s the time to make yourself feel spoiled with what you have available


Extra Credit: Go Towards the Depths

The goal is to tackle the drawer/closet/creaky storage space that you evade at all costs, but instructing yourself to start there might have you paralyzed and never beginning. James advises to “putter around your home, where the elbow grease will be a great release.” Then, the addictive magic might kick in for you to address your biggest blocks. This is an opportunity to get in there and shift your energetic boulders,” James says. “Involve your family! Not only will it feel amazing, it will enable you to access higher realms of clarity and insight.” 



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