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It’s easy to become entrenched in the wellness world, sampling an unending stream of modalities designed to “change your life”—but it takes clarity and solid body intelligence to decipher what are mere flash-in-the-pan trends versus what genuinely fills up your cup. The fun in self-care is that it’s an evolution; the best regimens are flexible, creative, and leave room for joy and mistakes. 

As CEOs, nurturers, women who aim to thrive in a concrete jungle—Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle have created a set of tools that take care of their own physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. First and foremost, they begin with food: a thrice daily act that nourishes their cells, balances hormones, and lights them up with energy and fervor for life. Beyond this critical foundation, everything else is the icing on the cake. It’s only effective if it helps to clear the mental debris and external chaos of modern life. It’s supposed to be sexy, malleable, and invite happiness.

Below, Danielle and Whitney share some of the tools they rely on to keep their feet on the ground, but we encourage you to evaluate (and reevaluate) what lights your fire. Find the practices, products, and places that allow you to carve out a life rich in self-love and view challenges and stressors as blessings. 


BEAUTY WATER DROPS: “One of the (many) reasons eating organic is so critical for our physical health, is that our food is only as nutrient-dense as the soil it’s grown in. Organic soil is filled with critical minerals and micronutrients that help our bodies work as efficiently as possible. Over time, modern soil has been tilled and depleted of these minerals that our bodies crave. Beauty Drops contain the 72 essential minerals and electrolytes our bodies need for ultra-hydration and glow, so I’m nourishing throughout the day. I take them every single day without fail.”

DAILY PROBIOTIC BLEND: “The Sakara nutrition philosophy is rooted in healing the microbiome,  which refers to the bacteria in and on your body responsible for everything from your mood, to your energy levels, how well you sleep, your libido, how you metabolize food, and beyond. The daily regimen of feeding my gut 6-8 cups of leafy greens and an organic, diverse array of plants paired with this blend of prebiotic fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes (to stimulate stomach acid) helps me beat bloat and nourish my body.”

ACUPUNCTURE WITH LIDA AHMADY:Neuroscience has proven that we can change our physical selves (and therefore mood, health, and attitude) by thinking differently. Sometimes I need help changing my thoughts. Acupuncture offers me a safe space to do that.”

DAVINES HAIR MASK: “I’ve loved to play with hair color over the years (Red! Pinky-strawberry blonde! Sultry brunette) and keeping it healthy, strong, and undamaged along the way is super important. Even five minutes of this hair mask is nourishing and feels luxe amid a busy morning.”

BROWS BY KERRIE JORDAN: “I love a full, bushy brow. It changes the face and Kerrie is the expert.”

SUNDAYS NAIL SALON: “They offer some of the best manicures in the city (and color options!), plus they’re nontoxic and the space itself is like an oasis. There are books from Brene Brown and Joe Dispenza sprinkled throughout instead of your typical magazine fare. It’s my kind of spot.”

MAMA MEDICINE CEREMONIES: “Deborah is one of my dear friends, and her ceremonies are a source of powerful healing in the midst of wild New York City. She creates these beautiful ritual baths and uses singing bowls to help you tap into your most authentic self.”

SOULCYCLE: “Even as a mama and wife, I know that I need to squeeze in doses of me-time to make sure I feel whole and good. Soulcycle is movement that feels so joy-inducing, high-energy and mood-shifting. My favorite instructor is Stevie, who always shares her wisdom and asks thought-provoking questions as we ride.”

FACIAL STEAMS w/ DETOX TEA: “To clear my pores, and cleanse my face deeply from the city’s grime, I love to make a ritual of facial steams. I boil a big pot of water and steep our detox tea which is chock full of healing herbs including anti-inflammatory rose and antioxidant-rich red rooibos. I put a towel over my head a create a mini steam session in my kitchen, opening up my pores and breathing deep, belly breaths. It feels very therapeutic.”

DESTINATION: SEDONA: “Whitney and I grew up in Sedona, and it’s the most healing place on Earth for me. Once I see the red rocks, I can feel my breath deepen and hear my authentic self. When Star was born, we knew we wanted her “touchdown” to be in Sedona. The concept of a newborn's "touchdown" to Earth goes like this: Babies almost never touch the ground in the first few months of life. They're always held or put in beds, cribs, or bassinets. They're still living in the in-between of Heaven and Earth. The "touchdown", or the moment they touch ground, is their official welcome to Mother Earth and this lifetime. I couldn't think of a more powerful place to welcome her to this beautiful planet. It’s the place for profound healing, and I make my way back there to see my mama and soak up the magic.” 


BEAUTY AND DETOX WATER DROPS: “Our Beauty and Detox Water Drops are an absolute necessity, every single day. They each offer powerful functions: the chlorophyll oxygenates the blood and cleans out toxins, while the Beauty Drops contain important minerals and electrolytes to hydrate at the cellular level and debloat. I credit them as being an important piece of the puzzle in healing my skin. I dealt with debilitating cystic acne for over a decade, and once I addressed my gut health and deep hydration and elimination, my skin transformed.”

CHANTING: “As a CEO and woman in business, I am always working on speaking up and letting my voice be heard. It’s important to open up that throat and heart chakra, and before any big presentations or panels, I like to chant. It gets the nerves out and it helps me harness my inner confidence.”

SAGELY CBD ROLLER BALL + HEMP CHOCOLATES: “CBD has become so mainstream in the last few years, and for good reason. It’s plant medicine that has been used ceremonially for millennia. Although it may be trending, remember to inquire about quality to determine what products you buy. Our Hemp Chocolates are 5mg of full-spectrum CBD, for example, which means they are more effective than a derived CBD isolate, and are paired with organic, raw cacao for a hit of magnesium. Magnesium is a calming mineral abundant in the body. In the evenings if I don’t want a glass of wine but am craving some indulgent relaxation, I’ll have 1 or 2 bites of Sakara Hemp Chocolates and roll the Sagely CBD roller ball on my wrists and behind my ears, and breathe deep. The combination is so soothing.”

DRY BRUSHING: “A dry brush is gifted in every Level II Detox kit because it is a simple but powerful detoxifying tool. Our skin is our largest organ and it is also our first line of defense. By sloughing off dead skin, we are exfoliating as well as stimulating the lymphatic system, also known as the interstitial system. It’s responsible for filtering out the toxins in our body, but it requires stimulation to work. Dry brushing, rebounding (aka jumping on a trampoline) or doing inversions are easy ways to support the lymph. Dry brushing also just feels GOOD. It wakes my body up!” 

HERBAL INFUSIONS: Food and plants are medicine, and herbal infusions are a potent example of this philosophy. By steeping herbs overnight in a hot pot of water, minerals and micronutrients from the leaves break down and make the water one of the most healing remedies for your skin, hormones, and immunity.”

ORAL CARE: “I am very passionate about having a healthy smile and taking care of my teeth and mouth. You have a whole microbiome in your mouth (as well as one in the gut and women have one in their vagina!) I am proud of the regimen I’ve created (and practice twice daily): Revitin toothpaste, Sonic electric toothbrush, and use a travel size water Water Pik.”

AFFIRMATION CARDS + CARAVAN WELLNESS“Lately, I’ve been starting my day with Messages of Life: Guidance & Affirmation Cards by Mario Duguay. Instead of kicking off my morning with emails, scrolling through social media, or going into 'default mode', I hold space for something else. Otherwise, we can almost become addicted to a certain way of thinking. Addicted to looking for drama, waiting for disaster, expecting failure... and to speaking negatively to/about ourselves. What is in us that makes us feel like we’re not worthy? And how do we change that thought pattern? This is one way I work to re-wire my brain and find my footing. I pair these cards with guided meditations or movement from Caravan Wellness, and I can’t recommend the duo enough.”

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