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 In the Sakara Spotlight series, we’re turning the tables on some of the amazing and accomplished souls that have chosen the Sakara Life program to enrich and fulfill their lives. Without further adieu, meet the Sakaralites!

Name: Amanda Addison

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Occupation: Civil Rights Attorney, hopelessly in love with New York City

Favorite Sakara Meal: This is honestly a really tough call because I get super excited every time I open the bag! I adore the Mung Bean Pasta and the Boca Chica Salad. 

A day in the life:

7:15 AM

Time to wake up! The very first thing I do every morning is sit up in bed and say morning prayers. It helps me to start the day with a balanced perspective before jumping into to-do lists or morning news mayhem. After prayers, I head into the kitchen and grab my coconut oil for some oil pulling. I started doing it last year and I love it! While I’m oil pulling I will dry brush my skin and oftentimes also put on a face mask (pure manuka honey is my current favorite). After oil pulling, the first thing I drink is my Sakara Beauty Water! Then I drink warm water and aloe vera while I get ready for work. I always do a little facial massage in the morning. Right now I’m loving Shiva Rose Oil with a few drops of buckthorn oil mixed in. I’m also addicted to rose water face mist, which I spritz on my face throughout the day. 

8 AM

If I can make it to a yoga session at Sacred Sounds Yoga in the morning, I do that. Otherwise, I’ll do an inversion for a few minutes in my living room before I head to work with an iced matcha latte. If I can, I try to put off looking at my phone for as long as possible in the morning. Once I'm on the train downtown I finally turn to my phone to scan through my e-mails and messages on my way to work. 

1 PM

It’s not ideal, but I usually eat breakfast and lunch both at my desk (and sometimes dinner!) But when I can, my favorite way to enjoy my Sakara meals is to carry them to Battery City Park or any park nearby to get some sunshine, lie down on a blanket, kick off my shoes and eat in the grass. I don't have time to make food much these days, but sometimes I open up my Sakara meals when they arrive at my apartment and I throw a few items from my fridge in (just to get my food prep fix!) I might throw in sesame seeds, spirulina power, soaked seeds or nuts, or whatever strikes my fancy. The meals are so delicious that I've been able to throw in a lot of different things from my fridge (leftover sushi, fruit salad), and it always comes out tasting good! 

3:30 PM

Around mid-afternoon I take a break to meditate at my desk using the Sattva or Headspace apps. It helps me re-focus if I'm losing steam. I'm a civil rights lawyer so I spend a lot of hours sitting at my desk, on a computer. If I'm getting tired or simply restless, I often close my office door to do jumping jacks and push-ups in my office (I'm serious). I must look pretty kooky to the people in the offices across the street, but it reinvigorates me (and my push-ups have gotten pretty good). : ) Lately, I have been trying to make my office a healthier and fresher environment because it is a huge part of my life and it is where I spend most of my time. I've brought in a lot of plants, some small crystals, and even an essential oil diffuser I can plug into my office computer. I have my Sakara Detox Tea on hand all day at work so I know that even while I'm at my desk working it's nice to know I'm doing something positive for my health.

7 PM

I moved to NYC two years ago and it's everything I dreamt it would be, and so much more! I'm an extrovert so I'm happiest when I am out with friends exploring the city; my friends describe my "hobby" as doing as many activities and having as many experiences in NYC as I can (which is so true). I never come home right after work, instead I usually have a series of places and plans in mind; so, in the evenings you can definitely find me out with friends. But because I'm always going, going, going, I have to be very thoughtful about scheduling time for rest. My wellness routine right now includes a lot of yoga at either Sky Ting or Yoga Vida, and I get in a meditation class at MNDFL Greenwich Village whenever I can. I love the vibe in MNDFL's meditation studio and it is a lovely place to stop in for a cup of tea and a break from the fast pace of the city. I have also gotten into boxing lately, which I find empowering and great for releasing stress. It's especially fun to go box with a friend. I keep everything non-toxic with my skin and body care, so Tenoverten is my go-to for nailcare, and I love Savor Spa in the West Village for facials, massages, and all-natural make-up applications before big events. I also go every few weeks for microcurrent facials at SB Skin. Acupuncture is key for keeping stress at bay and making sure I’m able to fall asleep at night (rather than lying in bed making to-do lists).  


At night I usually take an hour or two to wind down and settle into a restful state. I love my bedtime rituals. For my skin, I'm a devotee of de Mamiel's cleansing balm, In Fiore's Complexe de Fleur serum, and anything Tata Harper, all of which I buy at CAP Beauty in the West Village. My friends and I started a book club recently so I have been trying to stick to reading each night before bed. I drink my Sakara Detox Water (it's especially necessary if I've had a couple of cocktails earlier) and I wrap up the day with prayers, which are the bookends to my day. I then diffuse some lavender essential oil, and so ends another beautiful day in the city I love. <3

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