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Name: Jocelyn Laporte Moodie

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

Lives in: Hoboken, NJ

Occupation: Mom, home cook, renovator, garden enthusiast



Wake up time! Usually I wake up a little earlier to walk our dog, Coco, but I had foot surgery recently and can’t walk her right now. I really miss my morning walk routine. My first drink of the day is usually a Sakara Beauty Water. If I’m walking the dog I take it with me.

Next I get showered and ready for the day. My children are 7, 5 and 2 and mornings are hectic during the school year. My husband gets the kids going with breakfast while I get ready and then we switch. If I have time, I dry brush before my shower, and if not, I exfoliate in the shower. Right now I’m loving Herbivore’s Coco Rose body polish.

I’ve never worn a lot of makeup, but I do use a lot of face products. I rotate and change them all the time. Some of my favorites right now are Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream and Multi-Miracle Glow Balm, and By Terry’s Baume de Rose. I like calming products because I tend to get red cheeks easily and rose is very soothing. I also recently tried Beautycounter and I like the Baume Nettoyant and the Balancing Charcoal Mask. Someone recently recommended the Erborian Korean skin care line to me and I like their Bamboo Crème Frappée which is light and goes on feeling cool. I usually layer a couple of products at once.

I just switched to a natural ingredient deodorant this year. I like Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose’s holi(Rose) No 4 Deodorant. And I always wear a fragrance. Right now I'm wearing Goop’s Edition 02 which has an unusual shiso leaf scent that smells very clean. I like Supergoop sunscreen products (I keep the large pump on our kitchen counter for the family) and I’m trying their CC cream on my face right now, which gives a little coverage too. I’m not dedicated to very many products but I do wear mascara most days and have worn Lancome’s Definicils in black for years, and I am also addicted to Lip Medex lip balm.



I go downstairs to help the kids get dressed and washed. We live in a townhouse I have been renovating for the past two years. Our daily life is in Manhattan but living in New Jersey gives us a little more space to breathe.


I make a cup of coffee in my Keurig. Right now we’re drinking Death Wish coffee and we think it’s actually pretty good. Sometimes I add a scoop of collagen powder to it and a little milk too. I always say I’m trying to drop the milk but I like how it rounds out the coffee taste. Sometimes I go through phases where I don’t have coffee, like when I’m doing Sakara Level II. If that’s the case I will have an herbal tea instead, like the Sakara Detox Tea or La Colombe’s Golden Turmeric Tisane, which I love.

If I’m going to have a busy morning I’ll make a quick protein shake. I like the Moon Juice “dust” supplements and often add some to my shake or I’ll add some Sun Potion organic Reishi mushroom powder. I love the Moon Juice Cookbook and if there’s time on the weekend I’ll make one of her green juices. Every day I take a shot of Dexsil Organic Silicum and a shot of 100% aloe juice, and recently I’ve added an omega-3 fish oil supplement. Sometimes I take additional supplements depending on the regime I’m following. I’m 41 so I try to keep young-looking from the inside too!


Our babysitter comes for our youngest child and my husband and I drive into NYC with our older kids.



I drop the kids off to their classes; this is the last week of school and they’re really excited for summer break (me too!). This week I’m wrapping up a project I do with another mom at school, since it’s summer. We created an entire library of recycled art materials—things you find in life, like colored bottle tops, corks, yarn or sea shells that can be used again to create something new. The kids build great sculptures and models with our materials.


Before my foot surgery, I would either run outside or go to Equinox Highline for some cardio and mat stretching. I did the Sakara Best Body Challenge and would do my daily workouts there. I love the aloe water they have from Juice Press; it’s extra hydrating. I can't wait to get back to workouts! For now I just go home and elevate my foot to rest it. I check my email and do tedious family logistics like mail in camp forms or order supplies.


I have a subscription to Sakara for lunches most weeks because I know it means I will eat at least one good salad every day. I often lug my Sakara bag around the city between appointments just so I can rely on a good lunch! Two of my favorite Sakara lunches have been the Eat-The-Rainbow Wrap and the Forager Bowl. I often have a case of Dirty Lemon Skin and Hair water at home and drink one of those midday. I think collagen products make a difference.



I work on my own projects in the afternoon before my kids get home from school, or sometimes see friends or have appointments. Right now I’m taking conversational French lessons. I always stop to pick up a coffee to take to my class, which is actually not very French of me! I have even installed a to-go coffee holder on my bike for just that reason.


I built a little vegetable garden on our balcony and it’s pretty fun to see food growing. So I putter for a few minutes a day, watering, potting or moving plants or furniture around. My kids love keeping an eye on the vegetables and try to pick them before the squirrels do. We have eaten kale, broccoli tomatoes, herbs and strawberries so far. 

This spring I’m also working on our small backyard, trying to create a relaxing space for us. I built a little vegetable garden on our balcony and it’s pretty fun to see food growing. So I putter for a few minutes a day, watering, potting or moving plants or furniture around. My kids love keeping an eye on the vegetables and try to pick them before the squirrels do. We have eaten kale, broccoli tomatoes, herbs and strawberries so far.


My kids are done with school. Sometimes they have after-school activities that I take them to. This year I’ve learned some piano and become a better ice skater thanks to them! If they’re just coming home after school then they play together or have friends over. Recently they’ve been loving getting wet in our yard with the hose. I like seeing them do simple things like that. I usually prep dinner while they play. This whole picture sounds idyllic but the reality is that someone’s crying, the dog pooped on the carpet, someone else is running with a dangerous object and the UPS guy rings the door all at the same time. Then the water boils over. You just get used to it. I usually drink a glass of wine at this time.


We eat dinner together at the table almost every night. My kids are pretty good eaters. I’m actually a professionally trained chef—I studied at the Culinary Institute of America for two years and have worked in restaurants too. We eat simple meals but I try to get my kids to eat a wide variety of foods. My son loves oysters and snails, but my youngest is still a mac and cheese devotee. We don’t avoid any food groups but we do generally eat organic and buy high-quality ingredients. If I remember, I take a probiotic and magnesium in the evenings.


After dinner, the kids practice piano, maybe build some Lego, play a game or watch part of a movie. I try to read to them individually before bed so I can spend a little solo time with each of them. This year my son learned how to read, so sometimes now we read beside each other instead. I love to read cookbooks cover to cover and right now I’m loving The Book of Greens by Jen Louis. I really love her food and my take away is: I don’t eat enough greens! I often have a tea at night like Yogi Tea Bedtime. My son tries to stay up as late as I’ll let him.


I need to go to bed! I sometimes take my dog for a short walk again at night if my husband is home from work. I usually wash my face or use a face wipe if I feel lazy. I use a face spritz at night to hydrate my skin; right now I have one from Herbivore Botanicals and one from Beautycounter. Once a week I try to do a face mask and I always put cream on before bed and sometimes face oil too. I like Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil.

In bed, I review the day’s photos on my phone and update our family photo blog. I started it for our parents (all four live in Canada) so they can see pictures of our kids every day. I’ve updated it every day since my son was born (that’s over 7 years!). It’s often the last thing I do in the day. It’s very hard to not drift over to Facebook or Instagram afterwards instead of going to sleep.


Lights out. I always wear a sleep mask!


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