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Even the most dedicated kitchen goddess can be tested by high summer's sidewalk-melting temps. Don't sweat it. We gathered some delectable recipes to satisfy a weekend of nourishment...and not a single one requires heat. They bring together juicy produce, freshly-cut herbs, roughly chopped spices, a dash of tequila and a generous haul of avocados. Because the higher quality the ingredients, the less work you need to do.

The spread here includes an abundant, chlorophyll-rich salad; a punchy bowl of summer fruit; an electric yellow cocktail, and a side of guac. All are easy to recreate, plentiful in nutrient-dense plants, and are trusted dishes by some of our favorite tastemakers. Stay cool. 


Athena Calderone's Summer Recipe

A big bowl of veggies, herbs, and edible flowers, here's what the stylish Eyeswoon founder serves to her Hamptons crew all summer.  


Watermelon and Fennel Summer Salad

Whether you've spent a hot day in the city or returned from a day at the beach, this delicious, hydrating, and crisp dish is the ideal summer lunch or dinner. 


Jennifer Fisher's Signature Guacamole

The chic jewelry designer shared her version of this popular party starter. It's vibrant, fresh, and a little spicy. 


The Pineapple Kiss

Balance is key (including booze!) so make a drink that blends vitamin C-rich pineapple and anti-inflammatory mint, with a smooch of tequila.

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