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A gift can transcend material things and feed the curiosity, provide deep nourishment and overflowing self-love, and spark the fire to stay wild and hopeful. This season, use your holiday shopping list as an opportunity to actually give...give time, give intention, give gratitude. 

Whether you’re looking for loved ones or yourself, we hope this array of indulgences and experiences offers inspired ways to feed the senses, stimulate the soul, and encourage a journey of exploration. 


| To Nourish The Body | 


Dirt Road Farm Barn Supper 

Hosted by farmer-chef Phoebe Cole-Smith at her enchanting property in Weston Connecticut, the chic barn suppers start with specialty cocktails and savory bites enjoyed in the garden and around the fire pit. A three-course meal that follows showcases just-picked produce, local pasture-raised meats, and wild-harvested regional seafood all paired with wines from nearby vineyards. Not local? Gift a subscription to your local CSA so that they can enjoy local, organic foods to create their own farm-to-table moment.  

Sakara Holiday Gift of Glow: 3-Day Meal Program (and Beauty Chocolates)

For the foodie, the beauty lover, the wellness savant—gift three full days of transformational nutrition plus a jar of award-winning, phytoceramide-rich Beauty Chocolates and you’ll have nailed it for all of the above.  

Kate Mcleod Body Stone

With neroli to calm the mind, rose to soften the skin, and frankincense to heal inflammation, this heaven-scent balm comes in a travel-friendly stone shape that richly hydrates and nourishes our most precious epidermis.  

May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon

Blue is the color of sky and sea. The hue imparts an immediate serene feeling. Maybe that’s why skin reacts so pleasantly to this beauty balm made from blue tansy—a powerful flower that provides deep hydration to the most sensitive skin while easing feelings of anxiety. What more could you ask of a luxe skin treatment?

Shamanic Colonic 

Alexandra Defacio is a shaman who understands the intricate relationship between the physical and emotional planes. Her multi-layered cleansing practice is known to not only get things moving in the present but have a longer-term effect, namely preventing stagnation, the root of what prevents a well-functioning system overall. 

Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence

The much-awaited follow-up to the cult favorite Active Botanical Serum, Vintner’s Daughter has released their sophomore offering, a multi-corrective hydrating treatment that delivers skin-loving nutrients along with micro-exfoliation to brighten, firm, and hydrate the complexion. Packed with plant stem cells, microalgae, and vitamin C, it’s a must for a clean-beauty connoisseur. 

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket

Delight anyone who counts down the days until winter’s end. Infrared stimulates happiness chemicals, while boosting your metabolic rate and sweating out toxins like a body-bending workout. This sleeping bag will have them snuggled, warm, and detoxed.  

Dinners in the Dark 

For the person who’s on every restaurant opening list, knows the chef by name, and thinks they’ve seen it all in the food scene, share the element of surprise: a multi-course dining experience wearing a blindfold. An expansive, eclectic, and slightly sexy night awaits. 



| To Enlighten The Mind |

Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek

A spiritual guide and profound healing force, 6th-generation shaman Durek describes himself as a “bridge between the spiritual and physical planes.” In this thoughtful book, he shares the tools that allow you to tap into your personal power, accessing your intuition and most authentic self. 

Where to Begin by Cleo Wade

A blend of poetry and prose, the title by artist and activist Wade encourages you to harness your personal strength to make change happen. Through verses, mantras, and ideas, the text is a reminder that our big world is made up of infinite small gestures. A great read for the book club.

Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra

The White Album for the wellness crowd, this classic text by famed endocrinologist Dr. Deepak Chopra discusses the power of the mind to heal the body through a philosophy that blends the Western modern medicine (neuroscience, physics) and the ancient practice of Ayurveda. 

Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth

The way we eat is intrinsically tied to our beliefs about being alive. With over thirty years of studying, teaching, and writing about food urges, Roth’s book articulates how our plate is a reflection of our deeper feelings and how to use it to tap into a renewed spirit and soulfulness.

Sakara Chocolate Trio

Raw cacao that can enhance brain clarity, nourish your gut bacteria, and plump away fine lines? It’s possible with the Sakara chocolate trio, each with a functional purpose: Nootropic Chocolate to spike focus; Probiotic Chocolate to support the microbiome and boost mood; Beauty Chocolates to protect the skin’s barrier and hydrate from within. Beautiful and smart, naturally. 



| To Awaken The Spirit |


Breathwork with Fields of Study

The gift of breath sounds simple enough. But it can be, in fact, revolutionary. Meditation coach Lauren Spencer King offers a range of online breathwork meditations that allow far-reaching revelations like letting go of anxiety, rediscovering yourself, and grounding your body. Whatever you’re craving, there’s an exercise to feed it.

Lunch on Me 

Food waste and food insecurity are both national crises, but this non-profit works to connect the dots. Their mission? End starvation by redistributing organic food that would otherwise go to waste, to homeless communities. Other initiatives include yoga classes and community building activities for women and youth. Repurpose a little gratitude yourself and gift a donation. 

Upwards Gold

A powerful teacher and healer, Ally Bogard, launched a quad of “40-day initiations” to level up your mind, body, and spirit, no matter your life stage. For those seeking momentous change in the next 365, commit to a few weeks of daily practices and perspective shifts, with resources for internal evolution. 

Lotus Meditation Cushions

ABC is a luxe hippie wonderland in downtown NYC and their Lotus cushions are at the intersection of chic and mindful. Handwoven in raw silk by gifted artisans, they’ll give a space a tranquil, stylish vibe and provide a soft, comfortable spot for any and all mental gymnastics.  



| To Feed the Curiosity |

Wonder Valley Oil Club Subscription

Fill their home-cooked meals with herbaceous, peppery joy using this extra virgin olive oil that is harvested and milled from lush groves in Northern California. We love their annual subscription which includes four quarterly deliveries throughout the year. Good to the last drop. 

Ultimate Sedona Trip 

Grab your best friend or partner and book a long weekend at this mystical destination in Arizona. Once you arrive, allow Sakara co-founders and hometown heroes Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle to be your guides. Eat the cleanest, plant-rich meal at ChocolaTree, meditate on the red rocks, and take a tour of the vortexes while off-roading in a Pink Jeep. 

Eat Clean, Play Dirty Cookbook

The Sakara secret vault of recipes was unlocked earlier this year. Over 100 plant-rich, nutrient-dense, and seriously phenomenal tasting recipes, as well as access to wellness tools and tricks, lay inside our first cookbook. This is a perfect present for anyone who wants to try their hand at transformational nutrition (or give a taste of Sakara to those living abroad). 



| To Honor the Space |

Feng Shui Session With Meghan Wallace James

With a belief we can “turn on” life by starting at the root—style, space, and sex—this feng shui expert speaks our language. Meghan is based in L.A. but works with clients across the globe. Tap into loved ones’ “intuitive alignment” with a feng shui session that starts the new year with a conscious, wholly sensual intention.  

Helena Quinn Robe

Colder weather translates to cozier loungewear, but don’t let your friend’s work-from-home wardrobe feel drab and uninspired. Instead, gift a dreamy, 100% silk robe that drapes and cinches so effortlessly, they’ll feel like they’re on a permanent holiday. 

Canyon Dinner Plates

Encourage others to make mealtime an honored art with the help of some seriously beautiful dishes. Using a Japanse technique called Nerikomi that mixes multiple colored clays, these ceramics are handmade in Brooklyn and have an elevated earthy vibe that works anywhere.

Coffee Pour Over in Glass and Wood

Coffee is an easy place to transform routine to ritual, with the help of some beautiful accessories. Enter this pour over with strategically curved ridges that allow the coffee to flow more smoothly. In three minutes, they’ll have a richly-brewed cup sans crazed barista lines.

Material Knife Set

For the friends with an itch to eat more plants, gift the confidence to julienne and chiffonade like a pro with a set of razor-sharp knives—nestled and on display in a wooden slab. 

Sakara Manifestation Candle 

Sakara's intoxicating signature fragrance is full of rare botanical ingredients rendered in natural, non-toxic, vegetable-based wax that burns clean for 60 hours. The fragrance evokes optimism and joy with bright citrus notes, alongside sensual blooming florals. Light and turn 2020 thoughts into things.

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