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Sakaralites are bright, bold and often found busy manifesting their dreams. However, deep diving into your best self — the one that’s grounded, confident, and fearless — sometimes calls for a change of scenery to coax out its shine...which is why we love ourselves a well-deserved vacation, and why we were inspired to share with YOU our Sakara’s Inside Guide to Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is one of my favorite cities on the planet. It's a beach city, slightly reminiscent of Rio with people playing late-night fuji-volley on the beach, mixed with Parisian style small streets and a strong cafe culture -- not to mention, a nightlife scene that could rival with New York City itself. While VC investors and entrepreneurs frequent Tel Aviv as a tech and innovation hub, it's the amazing food, perfect weather, and magnetic energy that keeps everyone coming back.

It's very eclectic and offers a wide range of styles-- from the old Middle East with ancient architecture in the Jaffa neighborhood that was built by the Turks during the Ottoman Empire, to the very hipster, graffitied hangouts of the Florentin neighborhood-- Tel Aviv has a lot going on. I got married there earlier this summer, so I put together this short-and-sweet guide for my guests so that they could have the best time and enjoy everything this exhilarating city has to offer.

xo, Whitney




Hotel Montefiore - A chic 12-room hotel with the best hotel restaurant in Tel Aviv (hello breakfast in bed!). It is perfectly located close to Rothschild Boulevard for great eats and nightlife and within walking distance of Shabazi street for shopping and art galleries. Not to mention the restaurant patio in the front is one of the best see-and-be-seen spots in Tel Aviv.  


The Norman - Transporting you to the heydey of the 1920s, The Norman is an incredibly sophisticated property that celebrates the Mediterranean coast. It feels like the Soho House of Tel Aviv-- and the rooms could not be more stunning (seriously have a look). Standouts include the rooftop pool and the amazing art deco decor. 





Port Saeid - The same chef as North Abraxas = delicious plus it's casual, fun and has a great outdoor seating area.


Manta Ray - Delicious Israeli spot located right on the beach.


Montefiore - A charming french bistro inside the hotel. 


Shuk Rothschild Allenby - Tel Aviv's newest food market - a smaller version of Sarona in the middle of the city.


Kalamata - A beautiful restaurant in Jaffa, sit inside by the window and watch the sunset.


  • M25 - Amazing new meat-centric restaurant hidden inside the Carmel market. 


    Miznon - casual and busy pita-focused take away restaurant, popular with locals, and a great late night stop.


    HaSalon - An extremely popular restaurant, and after dinner it turns into a party! Pro tip: book ahead. 


    Rothschild 12 - This is a great place to grab drinks at any hour of the day or to meet with friends before going out- check out their awesome Caesar Salad.





    Shenkin Street - One of the coolest streets in Tel Aviv, amazing shopping, flea markets, and chic little shops to spend an afternoon. Some say it's the Soho of Tel Aviv.


    Anna Loulou - The nightlife hotspot with ambiance, wild vibes and great dancing


    Agas & Tamar - Located on Shabazi (another can't-miss shopping street), this eclectic array of jewelry is designed by two women who happen to be best friends, which I love.  


    Romano - Delicious dinner spot, but even better party spot late night. Great DJ’s and the best pizza in town downstairs.


    Imperial - A chic, craft cocktail bar that's a great watering hole to enjoy with your most fashionable friends. 



    Breakfast Club - Even though their menu might list pancakes, they don’t serve breakfast. They play music all night long (talking 8am) -- and you’ll need breakfast when you leave. Tight door, but work your New Yorker style and you’ll be golden.


    Dead Sea - The mud along the lake and at the floor have so many blended minerals that actually penetrate and nourish the skin, for total detoxifying/cleansing bliss. You'll see bathers floating without trouble (thanks to the salt) and fully slathered in the Dead Sea mud. It's an incredible, spiritual experience. 


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