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Shamara Bondaroff has quickly become the go-to queen of microcurrent...but it's no surprise, really. Meeting Shamara for the first time is like meeting a friend you've known your whole life. Her warmth, energy, wicked sense of humor, knowledge, and overall love for what she does and who she treats is apparent within minutes of walking into her gorgeous new space in the Flatiron neighborhood of NYC.

Shamara! Can you give us a quick review of what your journey has been to where you are now in this very moment in time?  

Well, I can definitely say that it has been non-traditional! I started my career in fashion and art, but since I had been raised in a primarily vegan and holistic household, I had always been in tune with the wellness industry and in particular, holistic beauty. After coming across a microcurrent treatment myself, I became obsessed with it, but it wasn't like i was like, 'OMG I want to start a business and work in this field every day!' It was more like, 'How do I get this machine in my house so I can work on my face all the time?!!' It kind of snowballed from there...


Ok, in the simplest of terms, what is a microcurrent facial? 

Micro-current is like pilates for your face! I use a mild electrical current to stimulate the skin and facial muscles, while promoting healing, collagen and elastin production. And the results? The face becomes lifted and contoured, lines and puffiness are diminished, and the complexion is improved, and you will see visible results from just one treatment instantaneously. It’s also relaxing and totally painless—and most of my clients say, addictive! ;) 


Tell us a little about the relationships you build between yourself and your clients that come to you. There is definitely something special there...

I really wanted to create a space where my clients (men and women) felt comfortable and safe. During the first session people are often nervous because they’re not 100% sure what micro-current is or how it feels. In the beginning, as I explain to my clients what I'm doing, I'm really just scanning them, reading their body language, assessing their skin, and their personalities. Skin being the largest organ it tends to hold a lot of emotion, so I have to understand both the emotions and the skin. 

These people are allowing me to enter into their personal space and put my hands on them. Yes, the session is about making your face look good but the relationship between my clients and their skin goes deeper than just how they look. Because I've been allowed to enter into their space, which I'm so grateful for, that in return I am fully open and welcoming for them to come into my personal space, and by that I mean my energy and emotional space. It's really why I'm in love with what I do. 

shamara bondaroff sb skin

What about other holistic practices, supplements, or foods you swear by for beauty?

That’s so tough, because there are so many tricks and remedies out there for every condition. The one universal thing is water! Most of my clients are totally dehydrated when they come to see me—and I don’t even have to look that closely at them to realize it. Try to limit or cut out coffee completely (people hate me for this) because it's super dehydrating, blows out your adrenals and depletes your minerals. Everyone works out like they are training for the olympics and then they chug coffee. Pfffff! Water people! Also, getting a good amount of sleep, maintaining your gut health, and avoiding meat and dairy is key! No judgements, though, just sayin'.


Obviously, you have the best skin, so can you take us behind the scenes with a play by play on your morning and night routines?

This is a story in its own, but I'll keep it simple. I like to think I'm not a routine person but then that's bullshit because I'm a Virgo aka very regimented and routined. 

  • I usually wake up with the sun.
  • First thing after that is I try to do 10 minutes of meditation followed by splashes of cold water on my face. A few sprays of rosewater after, and a morning oil 
  • I walk my dog, Bella, and then feed her and my rescue cat, Harry. 
  • Next, I'll oil pull and then I drink a large glass of water with apple cider vinegar as I take my probiotic and E3 Live Blue-Green Algae
  • After all this, it's time to workout. I try to workout at least six days a week, whether it's running, weights or yoga. It's important for me to do every day for my mental state.  
  • Right before I hop in the shower (all my products in my shower and bathroom are clean and non-toxic) I take a shot of Fire Cider for immune health.
  • Then its breakfast (vegan & no coffee), vitamins and out the door to work! 💪🏼
  • At night time when I finally do get home, I shut it all down. Its now my time and time to be present in this moment.  I usally want to take a hot bath with my salts, use a cleansing balm on my face, lightly exfoliate, spray on some more rosewater, put on a oil, face & eye cream, lather my whole body with a oil (right now I'm using grape seed oil) & spray myself with magnesium oil for relaxation and promotion of healthy cell function. I try and get 8 hrs sleep (key word is try).


What role does food play in your life especially since growing up in a vegan household?

Food is absolutely everything—it controls how you feel, your productivity level, and  what your skin looks like. Growing up, my family was and still is all about food.  My parents have always been amazing cooks, and my sister is a chef, so I truly appreciate our family meals together. It blows away any restaurant experience. Plus, its always farm to table, so you don't feel gross after you've tore it up all night at the dinner table.

Also, for me I always feel my best when I'm eating clean and vegan —my body process and digests those foods so much better. Your gut is your life source, so I am extremely conscious to how it acts and reacts.  I am the type of person that needs to snack all day and if I ever offer you one of my snacks, take that as a compliment that i really like you!  I am back to back with clients on the daily and can sometimes be the girl who forgets to eat a proper meal, so when a client brings me food it melts my heart. A way to my heart is FEED ME!!! Hint,hint...


And what about the relationship you have with your body? 

We grew up treating ourselves with natural and holistic remedies first before going to a traditional doctor or taking medications. I am in tune with my body. I can read it really well, and know when I need to cut out certain foods, take a break or run harder during a workout. My outlook on my body has changed since being in my 40s. I love being healthy, fit and strong. I feel like I can kick a door down and out run most (actually don't know if I could, but I like to think I can) . My mental and physical are working in harmony.  I remember when I was around 10 years old and wearing a t-shirt over my bathing suit because I was shy and embarrassed. Fuck that shit! I'm not messing up my tan lines for nothing now. I know who I am, and what I look like, and love every inch of it, and for me that came with age. I'm probably going to be the 80 year old on the beach still wearing a Brazilian bikini!


Any personal walls you've had that have changed over time? 

Haha. Well, I'm sill working those out with my therapist. In dealing with my work life, I've worked really hard on not taking all of my clients energies home with me. I'm invested in all my clients and can remember every detail about them, be there for all the ups and downs but I've actually just naturally shifted to protect my own energy and self now. It has been a learning experience in balance so that I'm not physically & mentally run down. I never want to wake up and feel like I'm too tired to deal. I want to stay in love with my job and in doing so I have created boundaries. It's funny, in my personal life I'm trying to break some walls and in my business I'm trying to build some ;) Go figure...


What about the best advice you've received that you'd want to pass along to us...

Be consistent! I feel this crosses over in so many things. Consistency in your health, beauty, and your word! It's key in all.


Any idea of what you would want your legacy to be? We know this is a loaded question...

Are you kidding me? Oh jeeze...

I want to leave this life knowing I did my best. That I didn't abuse or take advantage of this earth and the people on it. That I loved and laughed through out and hopefully to the bitter end. Maybe my life can inspire others and if it doesn't thats ok too. To give back and see the beauty in everything, especially in the imperfections. I work all day with people who are trying to prefect imperfections and with that I have fallen in love with imperfections, with scars and the stories they hold. Real beauty is truly from within and if your heart and head are staying true to your 'being', it will show on the outside. Maybe others will start to see what i see


xxShamara Bondaroff


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