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Tonight, blend together something smoky, fresh, tart, and juicy. This crowd-pleasing cocktail begins with crushed watermelon—a plant made up of 92% water, making it incredibly beneficial for skin and overall glow on days in the triple digits. Then, the flavor notes get more complex with the mix of anti-inflammatory mint, jalapeño, and lime.


Add a shot of organic mezcal if you so choose, but we think the real star of this libation goes to Beauty Water Drops.  This tincture of 72 ionic minerals provides electrolytes and micronutrients that are necessary to many body functions, but are rare to come by in the standard American diet with modern soil degradation. Keep one vial in your beach bag and one in your pantry all summer long, and ensure you've got hydrated cells and a magnetic sparkle to match this effervescent margarita. 

Sparkling Watermelon Margarita


  • 2 cups fresh watermelon or watermelon juice
  • Few sprigs of fresh mint 
  • ¼ jalapeño, deseeded
  • 1-2 shots of organic mezcal
  • 1 teaspoon monk fruit simple syrup (or sweetener of choice)
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • Ice (or frozen watermelon)
  • Beauty Water Drops
  • Optional: organic sparkling water
  • To garnish: cubed watermelon chunks + sprigs of mint + lime wedges


  1. In a blender, place the watermelon, mint, and jalapeño. Blend until smooth and pour contents of blender into a cup or shaker.
  2. Add lime juice, sweetener, Mezcal, and Beauty Drops to shaker along with ice and shake well. 
  3. Strain the liquid (removing any texture from watermelon, mint, and jalapeño) into a glass filled with ice and cubes of fresh watermelon chunks.
  4. Top with sparkling water and garnish with a few lime wedges + a sprig of mint and enjoy!



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