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Meet our favorite social butterfly: gallerist, art advocate, and fashion it-girl Hannah Traore. Her days are spent running her downtown New York City gallery, and her nights are booked with events, dinners, galas, and after-parties. And, after being named in Forbes 30 Under 30, her summer calendar just got even more packed.

Her summer must-have? Ready-to-eat, plant-rich nutrition. With a different event every evening, Hannah opts for Sakara breakfasts and lunches, adds on our Gut-Nourishing Green Smoothie or Metabolism “Latte” for extra support, and uses The Sakara Life App to make weekly customizations to her program.

We popped over to Hannah’s NYC gallery as she prepared for the MoMA PS1 gala that very evening—and got a glimpse at how she nourishes her summer, her artistry, and her joy.

How does your schedule change in the summer? 

I work every day no matter what, to be honest, but my weekend workdays in the winter look very different from those in the summer. In the summer, it’s just checking over emails to make sure there’s nothing pressing and then going and having my little day. Going to parks with my friends. A lot more parties and a lot more outdoor events. A lot more celebration.


As an entrepreneur and art advocate, how do you make space for just being a person and having fun? 

I've always been really good about keeping things in balance because my friends and my social life are so important to me that I've never accidentally put that to the wayside. I couldn't do what I do here in my gallery if I didn't have time with my friends on the weekend. The weekends are for partying, friends, the beach, the park. I've never really given that up. 

Also, the art world is a very social place. Even when I'm not with my friends that I had before the gallery, I'm with my friends that I've made since the gallery. They're all work friends, technically, but it doesn't feel like that. They really know me and know my soul, and I know them.


What is something that you rely on to keep yourself well physically? 

Moving my body is really important. That is something that sometimes falls to the wayside, and when it does I notice a difference for sure. Laughter keeps me well, especially between me and my three siblings.

And then food. Not only nourishment and eating healthy, but also just flavor. Food has always been the most important thing in my family. We had dinners together every single night growing up and when we travel, it’s always surrounding the food, whether it’s a three-star Michelin or a hole in the wall for under $10. The flavors are so important but it’s also a time to connect.


It’s one of the settings in our lives where all of our senses are engaged, with eye contact, listening, eating, smelling… 

That’s when the real conversation happens. When you meet up with someone, you’re not like “Let’s meet up and chat.” You’re like, “Let’s meet up and get coffee. Let’s get lunch. Let’s get dinner. Let’s get drinks.” I think that’s when people connect.


What resonates with you about Sakara—anything from our wellness philosophy of “food as medicine” to our specific offerings? 

I’ve always been someone that says that I live to eat rather than eat to live. That’s still true, but as I get older, I realize that I don’t have to sacrifice my health to live with that philosophy. Sakara is a perfect example of that.


Do you have any favorite Sakara products or meals? 

I love the [Gut-Nourishing] Green Smoothie and Metabolism “Latte.” I can't stop sipping them. They’re exactly what I want when it’s so hot in the city and I’m running from the gallery, to an art world event, and then out for a night with friends. And then Sakara’s Detox Water Drops are such a lifesaver. I always keep them in my bag, and they’re so easy to add into my water bottle on the go. They’re also my cure for mornings after I’ve been out late.


How did you feel after nourishing with Sakara’s Signature Nutrition Program

I often forget to eat lunch because my days get so hectic, so it’s so nice to have a packed lunch that is no hassle, and actually tastes good. Instead of feeling faint by the end of the day, I feel energized, satisfied, and nourished!


How do you nourish yourself apart from food—in mind, body, and spirit? 

With friends and family. I truly get energy and nourishment from the people that I love. I think people assume that means that I don’t get drained from small talk, or work events, or even making new friends, which I do love, but does tire me out. What it really means is that when I am with people who truly know me, it gives me endless energy and joy. It’s always the reset I need to be able to take on all tasks at hand. That’s my self care.


Do you have a personal mantra or quote that helps guide you—in work, in love, or in life? 

I have been shown time and time again that when you are living authentically and with integrity, things happen for a reason. I really try to remember the examples in my life during hard times.


What inspires you? 

Life itself. I get inspired by people-watching, by color, by fashion, by exploring new cities, by literature and essays, by my peers and loved ones, by nature. It has more to do with what mood I’m in. If I am in the mood, I could be inspired by a Popeye's chicken sandwich.


What’s the legacy you hope to leave on this world? How will nourishing your mind, body, and spirit help you do it? 

I want to show people that they can do anything they want. You don’t have to follow the rules as long as you have vision. For me, having a clear mind is so important in order to fulfill that vision, and my nourishment has everything to do with that!

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