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It’s no mystery that we like to bite into our beauty products. Whether it’s to support the skin’s water barrier care of chocolate, detox with deep green plant blood, or dip into youth’s fountain via nature’s rainbow …food is instinctively positioned to make us feel our most stunning. 

And as sure as summer means popsicle-stained lips, seasonal beauty is always associated with a sun-kissed glow. To strike the right balance of sun-worshipping and protecting skin’s delicate nature, we’re turning to a threesome of nutrients that are literally edible skincare; one to protect against harmful rays, Astaxanthin; one to boost the glow, Pearl, as we bare more skin this season; Baobab for intense hydration to counteract the summer swelter. And don’t forget a generous lather of clean, mineral-based sunscreen and a hat with an extra-large brim, of course.


Astaxanthin: The Protector

The stuff that gives flamingos their signature pink feathers, astaxanthin is a potent carotenoid. Carotenoids are a class of antioxidants, critical to the photosynthetic process of protecting plants from the damage of light and polluted oxygen. And astaxanthin, in particular, is one of the strongest. It’s produced by the micro-algae Haematococcus pluvial as a survival mechanism—to act as a “force field” from ultraviolet radiation. For humans, it provides exceptional internal antioxidant properties when it comes to UVA + UVB protection, plus various free-radical scavenging and radiation safeguarding (even from airplane flying). It is 65 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 54 times more powerful than beta-carotene, and 14 times more powerful than vitamin E. Astaxanthin also crosses the blood-brain barrier, which fellow carotenoids beta-carotene and lycopene do not do, making it a super potent DNA protector, and to top it off, is incredibly anti-inflammatory. 

Find it in: supplement form (make sure to choose the highest quality form that harvests the antioxidant at its most potent).  


Pearl: The Luminizer

It’s believed Cleopatra once crushed a string of pearls in a glass of wine, to prove to Marc Antony that she could serve the most expensive dinner in history. Most likely, their skin’s luminosity afterward was legendary as well. Today, few ingredients illustrate the power of the sea more than pearl powder, with its high mineral content and potent source of calcium. Chinese herbalists often use the pulverized “Queen of the Gems” to aid in digestive issues and skin discoloration, making it the perfect ally for burns and sunspots. Pearl also contains amino acids and the protein conchiolin that promotes healthy collagen production, offering a similar nutrient profile as keratin. 

Find it in: Sakara meals like Pearl Jam Breakfast with Matcha Granola, The Rainbow Poke Bowl, and Jicama + Lychee Glow Salad

Baobab: The Hydrator

The Baobab tree is 200 million years old, predating humanity and the splitting of Pangaea. Its nickname is “the tree of life” as it helps make the African Savannah biome a humid place, recycling nutrients and combatting soil erosion. In the human body, ingesting the baobab fruit supports the cellular integrity of your largest organ: the skin. Its high concentration of vitamin B, C, and omega-3 fatty acids brightens and protects the lipid barrier of the epidermis. It also boasts a higher antioxidant content than other beloved superfoods, including goji berries and matcha. This fights free radicals and prevents oxidative damage to cells, thus preserving the DNA, lipids, and proteins in the body to keep skin spritely and the picture of youth.

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