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Maintaining your vibrant body and mind after your 30-Day Reset

Sakaralites flock to the 30-Day Reset for a variety of reasons—to cleanse at the start of a new season, eliminate toxins in the body, or kickstart a wellness journey. The concept of a ‘Reset’ means different things to different people, and whatever it means to you, it’s an uplifting experience to flood your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive and improve every aspect of your life, from your natural energy, to morning mood, to radiant skin. 

Our 30-Day Reset is designed to be as easy as possible for you. Think: well-balanced, nutritionally enhanced foods delivered straight to your door so you can spend more time prioritizing self-care, joy, movement, and rejuvenation. When you commit to this expert-designed program, you’re flooding your body with an abundance of leafy greens, superfoods, legumes, healthy fats, and plant proteins that optimize gut health, support a healthy metabolism and hormones, and clear inflammation. This approach is based on showering your whole system with nutrient-dense foods that have the best results on the mind and body in the short- and long-term. 

We know this whole-food, plant-rich way of eating—and the accompanying lifestyle shifts—is a new experience for many people, but it’s one that helps decrease stress in the body and optimize its systems for lasting vitality.  

For maximum results and to ensure a healthy and smooth transition, we recommend making dietary shifts one week before and following your 30-Day Reset. Below, our guidelines for your pre- and post-Reset to take your results to the next level: 

  1. ELIMINATE STIMULANTS: ALCOHOL, CAFFEINE & SUGAR: Prepare your body and mind by slowly weaning off of stimulants that give our bodies a “high” and then “crash.” Try replacing your morning coffee with an energizing, plant-rich smoothie; your afternoon pick-me-up with a glass of our new, spirit-stirring Energy Effervescents; and your evening glass of wine with a non-alcoholic aperitif or detoxifying tea. This will promote a safe transition into the 30-Day Reset, especially if your body isn’t used to eating a plant-rich diet. It’s normal to experience cravings, fatigue, or new emotions bubbling up—so just remember that’s a part of the process. Many clients experience the best results when preparing by eating our Signature Nutrition Program one week before their Reset starts.

  2. NOURISH WITH THE SIGNATURE NUTRITION PROGRAM: To continue to feel the full effects of your Reset for the coming days and weeks, we strongly recommend following up your Reset with one week on the Signature Nutrition Program. You’ll be experiencing whole-body changes throughout the Reset, so it’s important to stay consistent and support the body in getting all of your nutrients from clean, plant-rich meals. Trust us…you’ll be feeling so vibrant and alive, you will want to keep nourishing in a way that supports you embodying your absolute best.

  3. SET YOUR FOUNDATION: The Foundation—our daily probiotic, vitamin, and superfood supplement—is an important ritual for maintaining a healthy gut and easing your transition back to your normal routine. It’s packed with essential vitamins and nutrients to fill in gaps caused by stress and lifestyle; you can think of it as the “nutritional insurance” your body needs to thrive. Expect: more energy, better mental clarity, less bloat, boosted immunity, and skin radiance. 


And when in doubt—listen to your body. Your body intelligence is a strong, powerful tool that will send you signals about your hunger, satiety, and more. When your channels are clear, you’ll be able to receive the messages it’s sending you; tune into its innate wisdom.

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