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There is no better time to take a cue from mother nature than springtime, when nature is waking up from a long restorative winter’s rest and bursting into bright, energizing, vibrant life.

To embrace and celebrate this moment of renewal, we’re stocking the Sakara kitchen with all of the things that will help us thrive from the inside out this spring, starting with seasonal produce! 

See below for the 6 ingredients we're excited to welcome back to the Sakara menu + infuse our bodies with this Spring. 



Also known as Jerusalem artichokes, these root veggies are an excellent source of inulin, a form of fiber that provides nourishment for the healthy bacteria in your gut.



Typically foraged right after the ice starts to melt, Fiddlehead Ferns are full-flavored, asparagus-like shoots found in the meadows of New England. These highly-seasonal vegetables are packed with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids to protect your body from disease, fiber for easy digestion and antioxidants to preserve your skin's radiance. Look for them at your local farmers market, and in our seasonal Forager's Bowl which will be making its highly anticipated return to our menu next week



These and other bitter greens have magical effects on your digestive system because they trigger the production of digestive enzymes. They also support liver detoxification to give you a springtime deep clean from the inside out.



Don’t underestimate these little guys...they are rich in healing, body-balancing minerals like magnesium and iron and also provide the antioxidant lutein, which helps you maintain your vision as you age.



Similar in flavor and nutrient content to garlic and onions. It’s a sure sign spring is coming when these alliums appear! Along with immunity-boosting Vit C and skin-brightening Vit A, ramps also have disease-fighting organosulfur compounds.



One of our favorite spring veggies! Asparagus is great for mamas-to-be because it’s a source of folate, an essential fertility nutrient. It’s also a natural diuretic that helps relieve bloat.



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