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It's time to present THE HOLIDAY SHOP gift guide series; a curation from artisans and innovators—like us—who pour passion into their offerings. We believe there’s power in championing integrity, quality, and beauty, and these items and ideas are endearing and enduring. We’ll be unveiling ten guides over the next two months, each focused on a different area of life to nurture and celebrate—whether it be tending to home, discovering ways to “play dirty,” or focusing on self-exploration. Allow these gifts to shift and unlock something new for the recipients: adventure, joy, empowerment, energy, and freedom. 

Come back each week, explore, and find your flavor of love to share. 

But first—we tapped the Sakara founders and a few members of our team to give us the download on what gifts they'll be sharing this year. Their expertise is our gift to you. 


"The Sakara gift that catches my eye is the amazing Sakara Chocolate Trio. What a great way to share beauty and health with an amazing friend! It's at the top of my gifting list this year!"—Jaime, Chief People Officer


"I’m gifting all my beauty-loving friends our The Edible Beauty Collection, including my desert island product, Sakara Beauty Water Drops...a total skin game-changer!"—Whitney, Founder and Co-CEO



"Life is back to being on-the-go but I'm still embracing home-cooked meals. I'll be snagging the Eat Clean, Play Dirty Duo for myself and my hubby so we can stay both healthy and environmentally friendly...and feel inspired to make something extra colorful on a grey, winter morning."—Erin, Visual Designer and Stylist


"The Morning Ritual Collection is my favorite set for the holidays, built to make my daily ritual—healthy mocha lattes! Our best-selling Metabolism Super Powder gives a boost of energy, then I whip up creamy homemade nut milk with the frother, and a travel mug to take it all on-the-go (which I opt to take to my local coffee shop, versus throw away cups to be Earth-friendly)."—Danielle, Founder and Co-CEO



"The Manifestation Candle was designed in partnership with our dear friend Douglas Little, the scent provocateur behind Heretic Parfums. The scent boasts depth, beauty, and uniqueness, with each hand picked ingredient carrying its own power to manifest different types of energies. Looking to call in love? Focus on the blooming florals. For abundance? Focus on the citrus notes."—Whitney, Founder and Co-CEO


"I’m especially excited for the chic Ground and Glow Duo! My mom diligently packs her lunches every evening before the next workday, so I’m looking forward to gifting her the perfect vessel for her midday nourishment, along with recipe inspiration and wellness tools."—Kelsey, Community Recruitment

"The Daily Ritual Mug is my favorite—I can't start my day without my Metabolism Super Powder Latte and a sustainable travel mug will let me savor it on those mornings when i need to get out the door"—Deepa, CFO


"I love the way our Holiday Popcorn Trio is an ode to the nostalgic holiday popcorn tins, but with a Sakara twist—totally clean and nutrient-dense. It's always a favorite snack at my house for family movie nights where everyone gets the flavor they like!"—Danielle, Founder and Co-CEO


"The Turkish Cotton Robe is ideal for anyone in your life that deeply understands the art of cozy luxury, and I’ll be giving it to the three Taurus women I love the most… and also to myself"—Monique, Client Service Specialist 


"I can’t wait to buy the Hydration Duo for all of my friends who are finally back to the gyms and fitness classes they’ve loved and missed so much. It’s the perfect gift for those who want to look chic while feeling fit!"—Tracy, VP Brand Strategy


"I would buy two sets of The Turkish Cotton Robe and The Ignite Your Journey Duo—one for me and one to give to a friend or family member. I envision coming home after a long day, putting on the robe, turning the lights down, lighting the candle and manifesting all the things."—Taneka, R&D


"For my dog Baxter I would love to get him the The Signature Bowl. It's probably too nice for him and he would chew it and ruin it, but it would bring him joy and I like to spoil him."—Michael, Facilities Manager



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