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It’s Monday morning and hitting snooze one more time is all too tempting. But what if it’s possible to boost your productivity, motivation and mood before you’ve even stepped out the door? Just press play. 

That’s right, hold the coffee and hear us out. It’s time to master the art of the AM podcast. Whether you’re an early riser or a serial-snoozer, kicking off your day with some soul-centered chat will help you get in the zone and get it together. 

Setting aside time for yourself first thing may feel indulgent, but the benefits extend far beyond a little mood boost. Studies have shown that prioritizing self-development after waking can lead to a calmer mind and higher productivity during the day. It’s no wonder a morning routine is practiced by some of the world’s most successful souls. Think affirmations, journaling and then of course the inspirational podcast – the beauty of the latter being that you can listen while getting ready, commuting or working out.

Now, while we love a good song shuffle, you need to choose your "first listen of the day" wisely - which is why we’ve scoped out the very best for you to bookmark. We’re partial to the vibe-raising, dream-chasing, get-up-and-glow worthy content. 



Real, raw and unfiltered goodness – this laidback podcast promises to propel you effortlessly through any challenge that the twenty-to-thirty transition throws your way. Serving as your new pick-me-up, each week Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik will talk you through juicy self-development topics guaranteed to lock you in for the hour. Think morning rituals, intuitive meditation and soul cleansing. They have a super cool digital community too, so you can connect with like-minded souls and keep your goals in check. Sign us up.  

To get you started:

Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice: Manifesting from the Realm of Potential + Possibility with Connie Kaplan

BONUS: How Sakara Life Turned Their Mess into Their Mission + Managing Your Microbiome




In need of a little self-nurture? Get ready to raise your vibration first thing with the deliciously captivating Sahara Rose. Have your journal in hand as you’re going to want to take notes. Sometimes, you just crave some hard and fast rules to live by - and Sahara delivers this tenfold, week on week. Deepak Chopra dubbed it “Medicine for the millennials” – and we don’t argue with a guru. No matter how busy the day ahead, this show is guaranteed to get your mind, body and spirit into alignment. 

To get you started:

How Your Archetype Affects Your Body with Dana James



That's So Retrograde | Elizabeth Kott + Stephanie Simbari 

A perennial classic, we love to dive into the minds of LA locals Elizabeth "Lady Baby" Kott and Stephanie "Falcon" Simbari, who are broadening the "wellness" dialogue to include anything that raises our consciousness. With topics ranging from detoxing off Adderall, navigating gender identity, how to prepare for the full moon, and eating for brain health— the two smart-as-a-whip women infuse comedy into every deep conversation. They even recently created a hotline for listeners to dial in and ask their wildest wellness-related questions... bottom line: they keep it fun, topical + educational. 

To get you started:

Sex with Retrograde with Emily Morse




For the ultimate dose of feel-good factor, Lori Harder is our go-to gal. Shaped by the stories of those invited on the show and covering key topics such as wealth, health and spirituality, the self-love specialist has a way of uncovering personal journeys in a way that really touches home. For the days you need a super speedy pick-me-up, peppered amongst the longer interviews are shorter ten-minute bursts of wisdom. Elevating, motivating, moving – Earn Your Happy deserves all the kudos it gets. 

To get you started:

How and WHY to step into your Truth NOW with Danette May



YOUR OWN MAGIC | Raquelle Mantra & Allie Michelle

The dreamy intro music sets the tone for this mystical, magical podcast (it’s Deeper by Sion if you’re asking, we’ve already Shazam'd.) Created by super cool spirit sisters Raquelle Mantra & Allie Michelle, this show should be reserved for mornings where you have a moment to yourself. Connecting you with inspiring artists, wellness experts, thought leaders and influential visionaries all living their own magic, make it the soundtrack to rainy Sundays under the covers, or a sunny stroll in the morning light. If you’re feeling a little stressed or wired from the week – it’s beautiful, heart-centred vibe will bring you back to, well, you.

To get you started:

Practicing Self-Love, The Universe + Attracting Healthy Relationships


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