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As a culture, we act like sponges—absorbing external energies, the 24-hour news cycle, the moods of lovers and strangers. It begs the question: How can we be more intentional about what we let in our orbit?

We’re not only woven by the foods we eat; what we think, read, watch, and experience also create our reality. This knowledge inspired Conscious Consumption, a space to celebrate and share thought-provoking content that fulfills us—the everything else we purposefully take in, beyond food.

Here, we offer up three sources of wisdom in the Sakara universe: books that open our minds to plant’s abundant healing energy, inspire us to speak our deepest desires into existence, and encourage us to embrace the untamed. We’ve highlighted whole chapters, weathered our copies, and sent them as gifts in hopes to shift perspectives. 

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Louise Hay was a pioneer in the self-help industry, and when she went on Oprah to chat about You Can Heal Your Life, her metaphysical take on reality shook up the world. Her approach involves “detangling” our childhood memories, and doing a mental sweep of beliefs and self-limiting thoughts we have about ourselves. After such a profound declutter, we begin to create the world we always wanted: one where we have soaring confidence, healthy relationships, easily-won prosperity, and a (genuinely) positive outlook. Hay provides exercises to clearing out corners of our minds that have been stale with negative thinking, and help to plant seeds that navigate us to our deepest desires. The heart of this philosophy mirrors what Sakara is all about: our thoughts become our reality. Sakara, after all, is a Sanskrit word meaning “thoughts to things”. 

The Green Foods Bible by David Sandoval

We’ve made it our mission to seduce you into eating your greens; when you need to find more reasons to flood your body with plants, turn to The Green Foods Bible. Here, phytochemistry expert David Sandoval makes a strong case for the power of greens (ones like algae, sea vegetables, cruciferous plants) and their ability to heal both our bodies and the planet. He dives deep into chlorophyll’s cleansing potential, the real magic of minerals, and why eating the sun’s life force is so transformative. This book illustrates why eating medicinal foods fuels our bodies, mind, and spirits in profound ways. 

Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

This read is a favorite of resident Wild Woman, Sakara co-founder and CEO Danielle Duboise. It analyzes 20 myths across an array of cultures and time frames and uncovers a common archetype. Dubbed the "Wild Woman", she is described as an empowered person, who leverages freedom, vulnerability, and intuition, to ultimately bare her soul…and live her best life. Dr. Estés dissects the way women have been misguided from their true power since conforming to patriarchal societies, and the methods in which we can head back home. Dive in for a mind-bending perspective. 


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