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Given that the average American spends over 1/3 of their life at work (and we’re guessing the typical New Yorker tops even that), elevating your in-office experience is of top priority. Far too many of us merely endure the everyday, bookmarking pleasure and joy for weekends and vacations spent OOO. We - and a growing amount of psychological and medical research - however, argue that a deeply happy, healthy existence begins and ends in those commonplace, mundane, frequently-performed tasks and moments. Work very much included.

And while doing your best to pinpoint and follow your career passions is an incredibly important foundation, much of our happiness and sense of contentment is grounded in the every day rituals we engage in and the physical spaces we occupy. So even if you haven’t quite yet landed your dream position or started the business you can’t stop thinking about, you possess an extraordinary amount of control over your workplace happiness. The simplest, yet arguably most powerful, place to begin is at your desk.

We interviewed three Sakara women on the everyday rituals, objects, and foods that help them to elevate their work space and experience, in the hopes that you too will aspire to create an oasis out of that desk.


KATE, PR + Social Associate

Protein + Greens Super Powder: If you’re anything like me, some weekday mornings just don’t allow for a proper breakfast at home, so I always keep a few sachets of Protein + Greens Super Powder desk-side for an impromptu, on-the-run meal. With 12 grams of plant protein, a serving of alkalizing greens, cereal grasses, and amino acids, it contains the foundation needed to power through a morning of work. Simply mix with some raw coconut water if a blender is unavailable!

Bodha Ground Ritual Organic Incense and Brass Incense Holder: This woody, grounding incense is the perfect desk-side companion, burning smokeless-ly and subtly scenting the space. And the hand-crafted minimalist brass incense holder is by far the chicest item on my desk. I particularly resonate with the ritual behind burning scents, allowing the act to mark a moment of stillness in the midst of a busy office day. 

H is for Love Lip Conditioner and Glacé: A solid lip balm is a work (and life) essential, and this buttery all-purpose balm is my absolute favorite. I love that the macadamia- and pomegranate-infused original also comes in a rose-tinted version for the days I want a more polished desk-side look - or find myself heading to straight from the office to happy hour. The ingredients are among the cleanest I’ve seen, utilizing berries, roots, and flowers to create the universally-flattering red shade.

Sakara Energy Bars: The absolute best midday snack. Combining vitamin B12, nootropic l-theanine, and raw cacao (which houses the energizing compound theobromine), this bar leaves me with a heightened sense of alertness and mental clarity - sans any caffeine jitters. They also pack 10g of plant protein for that “full” feeling, which is key to staving off afternoon sugar cravings.

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence: An ultra-lightweight moisturizing mist from my all time skincare fav that makes for the perfect midday refresh. The addition of hydrating Hyaluronic Acid gives my skin a fresher, more plump appearance for a boost of desk-side glow.



Hannah, Marketing + Partnerships

Sakara Detox Tea: This blend of nourishing and gently-detoxifying herbs is my afternoon go-to. I love to add in a tsp of Sun Potion herbs as well for a boost of stress-fighting adaptogens. My afternoon tea ritual is my reminder to pause, breathe, and practice a little midday mindfulness.

The Setting Mug: And no desk-side tea ceremony is complete without something chic and eye-pleasing to sip out of. I’m a big believer in the power our physical space has over human energy and productivity. Adorning your workspace with treasured items, such as this hand-thrown mug, elevates your mood and perspective, and serves as a sweet reminder to pause and appreciate the in-between moments. I’m partial to anything handmade, and love the sentiment behind each piece in this swoon-worthy ceramics line.

Maison Louis Marie Candle: There’s something especially comforting and ritualistic about a candle burning as I work and write, and this is by far my favorite for it’s subtle, uplifting scent— and it's the signature scent of NY Pilates. Anything they do, I try and do ;). 

UMA Pure Energy & Pure Calm Oils: A duo of Ayurvedically-designed wellness oil blends with seriously therapeutic benefits that I find myself relying on daily. The energy blend has become an essential for those back-to-back meetings kind of days, keeping me feeling alert and fresh despite an over-scheduled Google calendar. I particularly love the calm blend for it’s nervous system-soothing qualities, making it a go-to for resetting + reconnecting midday. Simply rub a drop or two of oil between your palms, cup hands over your face, close eyes, and inhale.


ERIN, Head Designer

Sun Potion Yin Power: Straight up plant medicine. Combining reishi, he shou wu, pearl powder, tocos, ashwagandha, pine pollen, and astralagus, this adaptogenic blend is designed to maximize creative energy, elevate energy, promote mental clarity, balance hormones, boost immunity, and reduce stress on the psychological level. I love enjoying it with a bit of warm water, 1 tbsp coconut butter, and just a dash of raw honey for a daily dose of potent desk-side stress-relief.

Sakara Salad: No sad desk lunches here. My workday essentials include fresh, organic veggies + a hearty serving of both plant-based proteins and fat for balanced energy levels, hormones, and mood.

Tata Harper Irritability Treatment: A true must-have for any city-dweller, this on-the-go aromatherapy treatment is perfect for those moments when I can feel myself slipping into emotional imbalance. This mindfully-curated blend of essential oils helps to lessen feelings of irritability, frustration and negativity - apply liberally to pulse points, palms, and entire life.

EIR Rolling Liniment: Cure for a headache? Drink more water (nearly 90% are caused by dehydration). If that doesn’t work, then this. I always keep a bottle of EIR’s mentholated, herb-infused essential oil blend for easing headaches and strained neck muscles naturally.

Sakara Beauty Water Concentrates: An adequately-hydrated body makes for better cognition, improved mood, and elevated energy. I find there’s no better way to transform and enhance my daily 8 glasses than with rose- and trace mineral-spiked Beauty Water Concentrate.

Sakara Probiotic Chocolates: Because a daily dose of gut-healing probiotics are just as important as my afternoon chocolate indulgence.


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