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Bust out of the Mariah and Bing routine—just this once—and set a new holiday mood that pairs with pioneering traditions. Let music attune you to a frequency that feels open-hearted, grateful, and optimistic about the impending ball drop to 2021 and the Aquarian Age (the official portal opens December 21st, the day of Winter Solstice). 

However your holiday rituals unfold, we have you covered with these two mood-boosting playlists. The first is designed for dancing in your living room, upbeat and disco-driven with glimmers of bossa nova and bass synth. The other, melodic and soulful, serves as a jazzy backdrop to baking, making online purchases, or watching the fire crackle. Follow both, get lost in the soundscape, and celebrate the year’s close.



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Adaptogenic Hot Cocoa

Creamy, Crispy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

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